snuffleupagus ice cream

chocolate coconut ice cream snuffleupagusGuess what!?  I have a few more ice cream flavours to add to my ‘Sesame Street Ice Cream Project’!  On top of the Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird, Elmo and Count von Count ice creams already published here on SaltTree, I’m adding another classic character to the ice cream line up.  Snuffleupagus!

I know, I know… but I just can’t seem to help myself.  I’ve got to admit, Snuffleupagus was one of my favourite characters on Sesame Street when I was a kid.  Though not as much a regular character now, I loved that shaggy, fluffy, woolly mammoth-esk creature.

When thinking of a flavour for Snuffy, I immediately thought of chocolate and coconut!  I suppose his fur makes me think of shredded coconut bits.

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