cantaloupe sherbet

cantaloupe ice cream sherbetThere are some fruits out there that really shine on their own.  Ripe, juicy melons are undeniably one of these.  Except honeydew.  I can leave that one.  As I’ve stated before, the Santa Clause melon has totally ruined me for honeydew.  If you don’t know what a Santa Clause melon is, look it up and try to find one.  You’ll understand.

Where were we?  

Ah..  melon.
Specifically, cantaloupe.  

The crowd pleaser.  Most people like it.  You can eat it sliced on the rind like watermelon or chopped up into a bowl all on it’s own.  When at the peak of ripeness, it’s perfectly, sugary sweet and has a smooth slightly firm texture.  Over all, a nice mouth feel when you eat it.

Since cantaloupe is soooo good all by it’s lonesome, this cantaloupe sherbet is pretty minimal when it comes to the number of ingredients.  No flavoured extracts needed.  The melon flavour truly shines all on it’s own.  The trick is, make sure it’s a super ripe melon.  I mean it… almost over ripe.  Like… omg-if-we-don’t-eat-this-melon-today-it’ll-be-mouldy-tomorrow …kind of over ripe.  Alright, it doesn’t have to be that close to turning, but you get the idea.  Super ripe means super flavour and sweetness.
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