chocolate eclair cake {no bake}

no bake eclair cake

Chocolate eclair donuts remind me of my childhood.  My parents would get donuts on the weekend along side a movie when we were kids.  That was usually our Friday night.  Eclairs though, were a treat (not that donuts on their own weren’t, but these were another level) and my brother and I usually fought over who got it… because there was usually only one in the box of assorted donuts.  I honestly don’t think I’ve even had one in about 20 years… but I can absolutely remember the taste!

Making eclairs at home can sound quite daunting.  But I wont stop you if you want to give it a go.  In fact, if invited (or even uninvited), I’ll show up happily and do some quality control for you on the final product.  Truly, I’m more than happy to provide that service.

If you do not want to spend a crap load of time whipping them up from scratch, you can do this no bake option.  All the flavours are there, in an ice box cake.  Gotta love the ease of that!
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