#UnwindTogether with Woodbridge & Miss Vickie’s

woodbridge-vickies-logoWhen couples have babies it’s easy to get away from having time together.  Just the two of you. We all hear the term ‘date night’ come from of the mouths of couples trying to get out for an evening without the kidlets.  Those of you without kids may chuckle at that term or think ‘how un-spontaneious‘… but trust me, it is like GOLD being able to have date night!  It’s a chance to reconnect with your partner and hopefully leave behind all the stresses of work and family life, if even for but a few hours, and focus on just each other.

But it doesn’t happen all that often.

I admit, my hubby and I haven’t been able to do this in quite some time.  Having a baby and an overactive toddler can make it really hard.  But don’t get me wrong, we LOVE our boys more then anything and wouldn’t trade the stress and sleeplessness for anything.  Because if we did, it would mean we would never have those sweet, magical moments that come along with young kids.

Date nights might be few and far between, so it’s important to take advantage of even a few quiet moments here and there.  Even if it’s simply…

‘honey, the kids are in bed… let’s watch our favourite
show and cuddle on the couch with some wine and a snack’.

Hoo-RAY!  Break out the glasses and chip bowl!

woodbridge wine miss vickiesJust in time for ‘my’ favourite hospital drama (I say ‘my’ but I know hubby likes it too!).  It’s no secret that wine is a favourite for undoing the stresses of the day, but did you know 61% of Canadians pair wine with chips at least once or twice a month when settling in to watch their favourite show?  I have one thing to say to that.  YES!

woodbridge miss vickiesWe opted for  a deliciously crisp, Sauvignon Blanc from Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi, and filled the chip bowl with Miss Vickie’s Lime & Black Pepper kettle cooked chips.  The lime and pepper flavour really comes alive when paired with the sauvignon blanc.  Hubby and I both enjoyed the unexpectedly perfect combination and the pleasant aftertaste.  The crunch of the kettle chip with it’s peppery citrus flavour followed by a sip of the crisp, bright sauvignon blanc was truly delicious!

Whether it be time with your significant other or a night in with a good friend, let’s find those quiet moments.  Let’s unwind together.  

Here are some Miss Vickie’s chip and Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi wine pairing suggestions to get you started!

Cabernet Sauvignon + Original Recipewoodbridge wine miss vickies chips
Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi’s Cabernet Sauvignon has rich berry aromas that give this wine a delicious full body. Perfect coupled with the unique crunch and toasty finish of Miss Vickie’s Original Recipe potato chips.

Pinot Grigio + Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar
The crisp nectarine and peach flavours of Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi’s Pinot Grigio, together with the tangy and refreshinly acidic balance of Miss Vickie’s Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar potato chips are the perfect pairing.

Sauvignon Blanc + Lime & Black Pepper
The crisp and bright notes of Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi’s Sauvignon Blanc create an explosion of flavour when sampled with Miss Vickie’s Lime & Black Pepper potato chips.

Merlot + Balsamic Vinegar & Sweet Onion
Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi’s Merlot has bright, fruity flavours that come alive when paired with the tangy sweetness of Miss Vickie’s Balsamic Vinegar & Sweet Onion potato chips.

How will you #UnwindTogether tonight?


About Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi
Over thirty years ago, Robert Mondavi set out to establish a wine culture in America by putting great California wine on every table.  In 1979 he established the Woodbridge Winery near his childhood home of Lodi, California to make fruit focused wines for everyday drinking.

About Miss Vickie’s
Miss Vickie’s potato chips are Canada’s favourite kettle cooked potato chip brand, leading market share in all Canadian regions.

*This was a sponsored post in which I have received compensation.  All opinions and comments are my own.