paint embellished envelopes

SAM_2143With paper notes, invites and snail mail increasingly falling to the wayside thanks to texting and emailn(and the English language), I find I actually put more effort now into paper notes and cards then I did back when it was more common to use letter mail.  I suppose they feel…special, thoughtful, so I like to make them ‘look’ extra special.  I love to receive a hand written card or letter.  It’s such a rarity!  I don’t mean I hand draw a masterful piece of art work on the front or bust out the calligraphy pen and do it up 16th century style… just a bit of ‘something’ is enough to make it personal to the recipient.

I’ve even done stick figures before.  

You can make some super fun stick figure art…    And no we are NOT one of those families that have stick figure dopple gangers on the back of our car.  I can’t stand those things!  If we did, I might as well hang a mini soccer ball from the rear view mirror and tune the radio in to the easy listening station.  

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