OMG cookie butter!

homemade cookie butterIn my little tiny spec of the world, it’s getting colder.  The heat is on, the down parka is out, the scarves, mitts, toques and boots too.  And you know what that means.  You know it’s gonna happen.  You can’t stop it.  It is but a month away and totally inevitable unless you’ve decided to hibernate deep in a burrow like a hoary marmot.

And the other inescapable truth, is that you all know the typical, over used, beaten dead line I am about to type.  It too happens every year on a vast number of bloggers pages.  And I apologiese for typing it lol… truly.  Ready for it?

….With the holidays quickly approaching… 

Gah!!  Surely there must be a more exciting, interesting, enlivened way to introduce my holiday posts and gift giving recommendations??  But hell.  I don’t know what it is lol.  If you know, please, enlighten me.  Perhaps I should just talk about the hoary marmot some more.

FYI… the hoary marmot… kinda looks like a beaver and a guinea pig had an ugly, ugly baby…


Or, we could just get to the good stuff.  The entire reason you clicked on this post.  Not that unsettling image above.  Yes.

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