trashy finds. a guide to garbage picking.

neon plant standRubbish to righteous, scrappy to stylish, junky to jazzy, garbage to greatness… whatever the tag line, you get the gist.  There are often hidden gems in other peoples trash.  It could be anything.  You’ll never know if you don’t look.  I have found all sorts of items in the trash.  As long as they are not irreparably damaged, rotted or smell like cat pee (which never comes out), it’s worth giving it a second chance.

Where I live, we have limits on garbage.  We are allowed 1 bag, once a week that cannot exceed 44 lbs (if they see recyclables in the trash they will not take it).  Recycling and organic waste is unlimited.  However, we do have three exemption periods a year.  One at the end of May, one the beginning of September and one right after Christmas.  Exemption period means no limits.  

Those are the BEST days to go garbage hunting.  Add to that people moving and it’s like a gold mine.
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