A Love – Love Relationship With Yarn Wreaths

I’ve been seeing these yarn wreaths all over Etsy lately…. then I googled ‘yarn wreaths’… and they are EVERYWHERE!  Love them!  How have I not seen these before?!  I can’t get enough of looking at them!  So much I cannot contain my use of exclamation marks!!  See!?  I decided I had to create a lovely yarn wreath of my own.  Some yarn shopping with my Mom and my little one, some felt for a few flowers on hand, some hot glue… and a project was born.

Using some wreath images from good ole Google as inspiration, I dove in.  This could become a bit of an obsession!  Oh my….

Pick out some yarn / wool.  You can do one or multiple colours.  I chose this lovely grey-blue yarn, with black and tan flecks in it for the main colour.  Keep in mind, the thinner the yarn, the more times you will have to wrap it around the wreath.

Get yourself a foam wreath form.  I suggest using that 40% coupon that comes in the weekly flyer for a certain craft store.  You know the one!  I believe my wreath was about 12 inches across.

Next, put on a movie or your favourite show, snuggle into the sofa and start wrapping!  It actually didn’t take me as long as I thought it would to do one layer… 45-60 minutes perhaps?  I was trying to be sooooo neat and tidy.

First layer, done!  So far so good.  I decided to add some accent colours to give a little more interest.

I also added a second layer of the blue-grey yarn to make sure the foam wreath form was totally covered up.  I must say, I was quite happy with the results!  Now the question… stop here… or embellish with flowers.  Onward I say!  To the flowers!

These are flowers I did for another project of mine, a throw pillow with felt flowers on it, using a great tutorial from Craft Snob.  There are many tutorials there for different styles of flowers.  So do the flowers you like with the felt colours of your choice.  I think I’ll stick with the same style as above this time.  Next wreath… I think I might do twisted fabric flowers (I’ve got several wreath versions in my head already!).

Flowers are done!  After some playing around with the position of the flowers, it’s time to get the hot glue gun out and attach them…

yarn wreath

Here it is!  How about some ‘Oooo’s’ and ‘Ahhhs’!  I think it turned out fab!  This would make a great gift for someone special… but I think this one’s mine 😉  Time to go find this baby the perfect little spot in the house!

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  1. Caroline says

    I’ve just discovered your blog (THANK YOU PINTEREST) and I’ve been reading through all your “Make one:” projects. I have a question about yarn wreaths – a potentially stupid question so apologies in advance: What do you find the best way to connect the very beginning of the yarn to the wreath and the very end of the yarn? Do you wrap and hot glue? I yarn-wrapped a couple circular cross-stitch frames when i made my baby’s owl mobile and i found the wrap and hot glue approach to be a little bumpy/more visible than i liked. Any advice?

    • says

      Thanks for stopping by Caroline! It’s a good question actually. I wrap the beginning of my yard around once and then tie it to itself nice and tight… and leave a bit of a tail. Once you have finished wrapping all the way around the wreath, tie the end bit to the tail from the beginning. You will have a tiny little bump. I suppose you could use fabric glue and not tie any knots, but you would have to wait for it to dry a little while. I’m not generally concerned with a little bump, as I make sure it ends up on the backside, or it’s where I’m going to place a flower so it gets covered. Hope that helps!

    • Caroline says

      very helpful, thanks! i never thought about connecting the start and end so there’d only be one bump! thanks again!

  2. Anonymous says

    I can’t say thank you enough! I’ve always wondered how people did this! I love your tutorial, very clear instructions! Thanks again!


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