DIY Flower Hair Clips

Here’s one for the little girl in your life.  Sweet flower hair clips and bobby pins complete with tutorial from yours truly.  Enjoy!

Find some artificial flowers.  Perhaps some that have over stayed their welcome in your home (make sure they’re clean!).  Different sizes and colours will give you more options.  Next, dismantle the flowers.  You can usually just pull them apart with your fingers.
 Layer varying sized parts from different flowers.  Play around until you get the look you want.
 Get out your button stash, needle, thread and hair clip of your choice.  Everyone should have a healthy button stash :)
Sew on your button of choice and give it a knot on the backside.  You may continue with the thread and attach the clip of your choice.  I add a dot of hot glue between the clip and flower as well, to make it really secure.  I’m using a basic snap hair clip here.
You’re done!  That wasn’t so hard, was it?  You could also attach these lovelies to headbands if you prefer.  Now all you have to do is put it in the hair of that little princess of yours!

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