Felt Gift Bow Tutorial

felt gift bow

Felt mania continues here at SaltTree!  I can’t help myself lol.  Today, in the wonderful world of felt, we explore gift bows!  This one is a nice big bow measuring about 4.5 inches across, but you could easily shrink it down to make smaller ones.

How awesome would it be to receive a gift with a hand made, reusable gift bow like this?!  To me it says you wanted to make the gift your giving extra special by topping it off with this lovely.

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Materials Needed

Scissors or a Rotary cutter
Hot glue gun and glue
One sheet of 9×12 craft felt

(I included this pic to show off my pretty new glue gun lol)


 1.  Cutting lengthwise along the felt, cut seven strips, each one 1 inch wide.  Then cut as follows;
  • Leave two strips as is, at 12 inches long
  • Cut two strips down to 10 inches long
  • Cut two strips down to 8.5 inches long
  • Cut the last strip down to 4 inches long

2.  Take one of your longer strips and fold one end over to make a loop as shown in the image above.

3.  Take the other end of the felt and do the same but going in the other direction.  Your end result should be a figure eight.  Glue the ends down so they meet each other, don’t overlap them or the pieces will get too bulky and it will make assembling the bow a little difficult.  You will do this for all strips except for the shortest one.

4.  With the shortest piece (the 4 inch one) make a simple loop, overlap the ends and glue together.

This is what you should end up with.  Six figure eights and one small loop.  Now it’s time to build the bow.

5.  Take your two biggest figure eights and attach them with a little hot glue as shown in the image above.

6.  Add on the mid sized figure eight pieces and glue into place, then do the same with the smallest figure eight loops.  Finally, add the small single loop to the top centre of the bow and glue.

Ta-Da!  Congratulations.  You just made a felt gift bow!  As stated earlier, you can make smaller bows by just shrinking down the scale of the strips of felt.  And of course, the great thing about felt is all the fun colours you can get!

This bow didn’t even use an entire sheet of felt (49 cents at my local craft store) and most of us have a glue gun kicking around… so this bow cost less then 49 cents to make.  Cheaper then buying a big foofy one from the card store and much more special to the one receiving it I’d say!

If you like this bow, then check out my tutorial for the spikey paper bow as well.

Happy crafting!
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  1. Anonymous says

    I love this! It really puts across a feeling that you spent that little extra time to make a gift feel special! Thanks for sharing!

  2. jade says

    So cute! I can’t wait to try this. I am one of those women who put a great deal of time and effort into wrapping!

  3. Kristi L says

    I have been making these bows out of old magazines for a couple years now and I can’t believe it never crossed my mind to use felt! Brilliant idea – thanks for sharing!

  4. Anonymous says

    I’m going to make a felt bow except instead of putting it on a present I’m going to glue it onto a hair clip and have a cute hair clip for Christmas.

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