To Dye For Lamp Shades

So I’m on a dying binge.  This happens.  I go through phases of crafty and creative endeavours in cycles.  They always come back around.  Right now, it’s fabric dye.

I did the pillow cases for my sofa throw cushions recently.  They turned out a lovely purple :)  Then I started looking around the house… what do I hate, but don’t care to spend money replacing right now?  It’s like spray painting.  You see something old, you spray it, it feels like new.  Well my eyes went to my ugly light fixture in our sitting room.  It came with the house when we moved in and four years later it’s still there!

It’s a chandelier type thing with five dingy mini fabric shades on it.  After a quick cleaning to remove some dust, they were ready to go.  By the way, if you want to clean your lamp shades, put them in a bag with rice or coarse salt and shake.  It pulls off the dust.

This was definitely going to be an outside project.  Of course, I had to pick a sweltering hot day to do it on.  C’est la vie!  I chose Rit Dye in teal (powder form), and I used about a Tbsp of navy blue (liquid).

Filled my really big pot with super hot water and added the dye.  Stirred it up with an old stick and dunked my first shade!  Oh and of course, rubber gloves were ON.

Hung to dry on the clothesline… blowing like pretty little blue bells in the breeze.  Aren’t they lovely?  I dipped them for about fifteen minutes each as I wasn’t sure how they would hold up in the hot dye bath, but they did great!

Awesomeness!  They are not perfectly, evenly dyed, but that’s ok.  I think it adds a little charm to it.  I find it’s harder to get a perfectly even dye when doing the ‘dip’ method.  None the less, I’m very pleased!


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  1. Shannon @ DoveNest28 says

    Saw this on Pinterest, looks great, I’ll add this to my list of ideas to do! Mine mini lampshades have been plain white for 7 years, definitely time for a change.


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