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diy apothecary jars

Love those apothecary jars you see all over design magazines and shows?  Don’t love the price tag enough to buy your own?  Think the one in the picture above is beautiful?  I do too.  I made it.  It cost me a whopping $2.50.

Read the post for all the details and instructions!

Raid your local thrift stores and or dollar store for vases, bowls, jars and candlesticks.  If you’re really lucky, you’ll find a jar with an existing lid!  It’s ok if it doesn’t have a knob or handle on the top of the lid.  We’ll get to that.  Wash all your pieces and thoroughly dry them.

E6000!!!  It’s the awesome glue that makes it possible!  This adhesive will bond non porous surfaces to each other.  Glass, metal, plastic etc.  Awesome.  I got mine at Michaels.  Check their online flyers first, they usually have great coupons you can print.  Apply the glue liberally to the candle stick, but not goopy.  I usually let it sit for 5 minutes before attaching the pieces.

Set the vase or bowl part of your soon to be apothecary jar onto the glue coated candlestick.  Look straight down from the top and make sure you are centred.  Push the pieces together firmly.  The glue will give you a little working time to get it right.  Once you’re satisfied, don’t move it, just let it set up.

Well now…. wasn’t that easy?  This jar so happened to have a lid.  Yay!  But I have done others that I had to create a lid for.  I’ve used tops of old candy dishes….


… the lids form those large candle filled jars, like this one.  And then…. just add a knob.

I got this knob from the hardware store.  I love the classic look of it!  It works perfectly with the jar.  Actually, I lucked out this week and found a multipack of knobs for pretty cheap!

Imagine these pretties all filled with colourful candy for a party, or filled with pretty soaps and bath salts in your bathroom.  How about filling them with pretty shells or polished stones or holiday decorations?  Gorgeous!

Update:  My beautifully, newly created apothecary jar’s life came to a tragic end shortly after these images were taken.  I’m happy I got to document it’s lovely but short life for you before it suddenly dove off my kitchen counter.  The body is fine… the lid did not survive.  I’m hoping to resurrect this beauty with new life and a new lid.  Cross your fingers.  *mumble… ugh… but it was soooooo perfect….sniff….mumble*
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    • patty says

      i glued some pretty vases and bottles together and made jewelry stands. two of them fell and broke. of course they were my two favorites. i too had taken pics of them before they broke as you did with yours. i hope to find the vases i need to duplicate them someday.

  1. Anonymous says

    I use Museum glue on all the things in my house I don’t want moved. Won’t hurt tables, tops, etc. I have a jar on my commode tank and I placed the Museum glue under it because I didn’t want my little ones to accidently knock it over!!!

  2. Jackie says

    LOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this! Thanks for sharing. I have been making cupcake holders and cookie plates and painting, this idea is so much easier and looks fabulous!

  3. Melissa says

    Found you through pinterest. Love your blog. Fellow Ontarian here (Belleville). Can’t wait to sit and browse some older posts.

  4. says

    Hi Amber, Just thought I’d let you know that after I saw these Apothecary Jars I became obsessed with making them. I even decided to start my own blog and show everyone. Check out my post.I’m just starting out in this new blogventure, but I’m having a lot of fun. Thanks for you inspiration! Kim

    • says

      That’s great Kim! I’m so happy you found some inspiration here! Looks like you have a fab collection of apothecary jars already! Great job! Good luck with your new blogventure and I’ll see you around blog land!

  5. Anonymous says

    i have used tuna cans, painted of course, for lids. also, the bottems for clay pots work well all painted up of course!

  6. Lou says

    I have only just found you through the Edit Me challenge and I am glad I did because these are wonderful – what a fantastic idea!

    Lou :-)

  7. uncensored says

    For anybody else wanting apothacary jars at a fairly decent price check out saveoncrafts.com Their prices are great (of course they don’t compare to thrift store finds, but not everyone is that lucky) and they have a really good selection. You must browse the site for other awesome items as well!!

  8. aliciasivert says

    You are absoultely brilliant. I have got to try this one out. It is quite amazing how one can always make room for more jars, pots and cans… Thank you for sharing!

  9. M and M plus 3 says

    Now why didn’t I think of this???? Now I wished I had kept some of those lids I just threw away cuz I was purging to move. Thanks for the ideas.

  10. Leigh says

    This is really good tut, thanks! Glad you were able to replace the lid on the one. I wanted to say, for the body of the jar? Thrift stores ALWAYS have an abundance of glass flower vases. AND candle sticks, though not as many are glass.

    It would be great if someone could figure out a stopper rim on the INSIDE edge of the lids, to keep them from sliding off so easily. Maybe a couple of rubber rings stacked on top of each other, the canning jar sealing rings? Could always paint them silver after the glue drys, so they still look nice.

  11. mari says

    I find epoxy glue best for cerramics and glass, especially if you sand both surfaces with fine sandpaper before putting on the glue. Similar idea works well using wooden candlesticks that you can paint in different accent colours to match the decor in the house.

  12. Sharon Densmore says

    Those are beautiful but everyone must have seen them cause our Thrift Store had nothing to work with. I am going to try a garage sale


    Been doing this for years (isn’t E6000 great). My vanity sports a great variety (q-tips, cotton balls, makeup pencils, band-aids, lid less ones are great for combs and brushes, I could go on and on. Satin tassels on the knobs add a bit of elegance. Keep crafting!


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