Baby’s 1st Birthday Prep: DIY Pinwheel toppers


Foster will have a cake for his cake smash, a cake for us (hopefully) and cupcakes as well.  I’ve seen these adorable cupcake pinwheel toppers around, but being the crafty type, I decided to make my own. 

Pinwheels are super easy.  I have done them before with felt, but never with paper!  Want to know how?  Read the full post for all the details.

These will be non-spinning pinwheels.  I’ll be using mine as cupcake toppers for my little guys first birthday party in October.

First up, pick your paper.  I chose a few different colours and patterns of lighter weight scrapbooking paper.  You could also use construction paper, wrapping paper or even magazine pages.

Cut your paper into squares, to the size you want your pinwheel to be.  If you want a 4 inch wide pinwheel, cut 4×4 squares.  3 inch pinwheel, 3×3 squares and so on.  If you go much smaller then 3 inches, it gets a little awkward to make the pinwheel but it is doable!

Find the centre of your square on the back of the paper and mark it.

From each corner, cut in towards the middle, leaving about a centimetre uncut before the centre.

I found it helpful to make holes for the brad to go through before folding the pinwheel.  Note where the holes are.  One in the same corner of each cut section and one in the middle of the square.  This is where a mini hole punch would be super handy (noted for next trip to the craft supply store).

Take your brad and push it through the right side of the paper of one of the corners where you have premade a hole.

Keep folding over the corners and pushing the brad through each pre-peirced corner.  Once you have the brad through all of the corners, push it down through the middle of the paper.

Fold the tabs of the brad over to secure the corners of the pinwheel.


Since I am using mine as cupcake toppers, I needed a stick of some sort to attach them too!  I chose these lollipop sticks but you could use popsicle sticks, or even bamboo skewers cut down to size.

A little dab of hot glue to secure the stick in place.

Now, if you want to be really particular like me… you can cut a small scrap of paper and glue it over the stick so it looks all neat and tidy.

Pretty pinwheels!  Yes, they are sticking out of my sugar bowl!  They wont be displayed in cupcakes until Foster’s birthday party pictures are unveiled!


To be even more awesome, you can use double sided paper or glue paper together with a glue stick so you have a pretty pattern on the inside and outside of the pinwheel (this one is my favourite!).

You’ll see more of these little lovelys in October :)

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