DIY: Tank Top Tote in 5 Minutes

tank top tote

Here is a quick little tutorial on how to make a tank top tote bag in less then 5 minutes.  Seriously.  It’s that simple!  For books, beach stuff or as a market bag, what a great way to upcycle some old tanks.

Read the full post for all the details!

Get some old tanks.  Turn them inside out and lay them flat.  Keep in mind your purpose for the bag.  Jersey knit will be quite stretchy where as cotton will be stronger and more taut.

Cut the tank if you want a shorter tote.  If you want a long one, leave it as is!  There is no right or wrong here.

Pin the cut end together so it doesn’t move around while you sew it up.  I put some very basic, non perfect pleats in mine to make it a little more interesting.

Now, you can either just stitch straight and be done with it, or curve the stitch as shown in the image.  The reason I curve the stitch line is so the bottom of the bag will be more rounded and a little more appealing to look at (in my opinion).  But again, there is no right or wrong way.  I would suggest stitching it twice to make sure it’s nice and strong.  Turn it inside right and your done!  Fast huh?!

Pin on a flower, tie on a scarf or even an wrap an old vintage necklace around the handle for some fancy.  I know, tank top tote = fancy?  Crazy!  But it can!

Go raid your closet!
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    I love this Amber! I have a bunch that have shrunk or whatever that I was actually just about to throw in the “garage sale pile”! I’ll post a pic when it’s created 😀

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