Make It: Little Guy Tie

More preparation for Fosters upcoming first birthday!  In my efforts to create the opportunity for some fun pictures at his first birthday celebration, I’ve been thinking ‘what will he wear?’.  I’ve decided to go with a little guy tie..  I’ve seen some adooorrrable baby and toddler ties available to buy online and such, but not willing to pay the price, I’m making my own :)

So here’s what I did, step by step to make my very own, ‘Little Guy Tie’.

Get yourself a tie.  This one was one of hubby’s old ones.  It has a stain on the front, but you’ll never see that part once it’s turned into the little guy tie.  A thrift store would also be a great place to look.

Tie the tie using the wrong end, making it the length you want.  Don’t worry too much about the neck size right now… but make sure it’s at least big enough to fit your wee one!  We’ll adjust the rest in a later step.  If you don’t know how to tie a tie, check out these instructions.  I did a basic ‘four in hand’ knot.

Once you are satisfied with your knot, give it a couple stitches on the backside in matching thread to make sure it all stays put.  After all, this is going on a little one so you know it’s going to get mauled!

The horror!  Lol… cut off the excess part of the tie so you are left with just a mini looking tie.   Then give it a few more stitches to tidy up the cut end so it doesn’t show.

Like this one!  Wait … we’re not done yet!

Ack!!  Those darn scissors again!  Cut the collar part of the tie in half.  Make sure you know the size of your little ones neck.  If you want this to fit around a collared shirt, make sure you measure the shirt so you don’t end up with a bunched up collar when you put the tie on.  Trim the collar part of the tie to the appropriate size for you little guy.

Now, you don’t have to do this part, but I found it helped a lot when finishing the cut ends of the tie.  If you open the cut ends of the tie a little bit, you can cut out some of the extra fabric and lining to make it less bulky for when you stitch the ends.

Stitch the cut ends of the collar part over to hide the unfinished ends.  Hey, I didn’t say I was a great hand sewer… don’t judge lol.

Attach some velcro to each end of the collar part.  This will give you some flexibility with size.  I also like it because if the tie were ever to get caught on something, I know it will tear away.  That being said, baby would really have to pull to get this sucker off.  After all, we do want it to stay put!

Alternatively, you could use a button or hook as a fastener for the tie collar.  (PS, I wish I had black velcro on hand when I did this!)

All done!  My very own, ‘Little Guy Tie’.  I was able to casually make it one evening while watching TV.  If you concentrated on it, you could get it done in 30 minutes.

The best part?  It didn’t cost me a penny!

Project List

– An adult necktie
– Needle & coordinating thread
– Scissors
– Velcro
– Seamstress measuring tape

Time:  30 minutes

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    This is great! I just found your blog through pinterest. I’ve been thinking you could use an adult tie to make a little one but wasn’t sure how to go about it. Thanks for figuring it out for me. I’m pinning this. :)

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