An $8 Fix for that Old Fridge

We were thoughtfully given a fridge by my in-laws for our basement.  I’m not sure about you, but one fridge just doesn’t seem to cut it for a family that eats lots of fresh foods.  The catch?  It’s so very old… and not good retro old… more like not quite cool looking late 80’s old.  But… it works fantastic and is in great condition.

So what does one do when one is stuck with an eyesore of an old fridge, in a newly finished basement, with no where to ‘hide’ it?

You stop trying to hide it and make it pretty!  Bye, bye 80’s almond, hellllooooo beautiful!  Ugh, I still can’t believe this is my fridge.  I love it so much now!  Here is what I did…

I picked up a few rolls (four to be exact) of adhesive paper from my local dollar store (Dollarama).  Grabbed my handy ruler and a sharp cutting blade.  There was no science or exact method to this… cut the paper and stick it to the fridge.  Use a credit card or something of the sort to push out air bubbles as you lay the adhesive paper to the surface.  If you miss an air bubble, poke it with a pin after and smooth out the bubble.  It took me about an hour to completely cover the fridge.  Yep.  I did front, sides and top!  Entire fridge = $8.00!

Here is a closer view so you can see the pattern a little better.  I really love this pattern not only because it looks great, but you can’t even tell where I had to ‘patch’ a little here and there.  Especially around the handles where it was harder to cut the exact shape.  The pattern was also such that I could adhere the paper in any direction and the pattern was the same.  All important things to think about!

I may have to wander around my home a little more looking for other things to apply this stuff too!  I’ve already done my husbands dresser, now the fridge… what’s next?  Stay tuned!

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  1. says

    Hi Amber!This is beautiful, I love vintage and this definitely has that touch!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment as well!!


  2. says

    Genius I say, simply brilliant!!! I think the transformation is outstanding. :)

    Thank you for playing along with us at Make It Monday!
    Remember, for a chance to win the prize from our sponsor, leave a comment for another entry and mention that you saw them on Make It Monday.
    Lisa xx


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