Oh Christmas Cards… What to do With Thee?

It’s starting!  We’ll be sending and receiving Christmas cards making our mailboxes happy with something other then junk mail for a few short weeks of the year.  But what the heck do we do with them all?  I hate throwing out cards… but once the moment has passed…. what use are they?  For my most treasured cards, I like to do this….

Binder style rings are available pretty cheap from office supply stores and are perfect for making little card book keepsakes for yourself!

Start with your smallest card and punch holes in it where you want the rings.  Then, transfer those measurements over to the next card by placing the punched card over the next one, put a dot where you need to punch the holes.  Do this with all your cards.  No rulers needed.

Punch all your cards with a hole punch and put them on the rings.  Now you have a special little holiday book of cards that you can bring out each year instead of having piles of them all over, cluttering up your mantle!

If you can’t find binder rings, ribbon or yarn is always an option too!  Keep this in mind for birthday cards, weddings, engagements etc!

Pass it on :)

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  1. says

    Thanks Amber!
    So simple :) Why didn’t I think of this for all of the cards we received on our wedding. They’ve been sitting in the box for over 3 years!!! Well, no more :)

  2. Anonymous says

    I save the cards and then the next year at Christmas I cut out the pictures and nice sayings and use them as gift tags for presents! They look cute and I never have to buy tags!!

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