The Little Chicken… or is it a Rooster?

Last year was a little too cold out here in Ontario to take our then week and a half old newborn out for Halloween.  This year though… ah….. yes.   Momma made the costume :)  Inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest,  I made Foster into a chicken!  Looks a little like Foghorn Leghorn, so perhaps he was more of a rooster!

I made the costume a little more then a month in advance…and oh my!  It almost didn’t fit him!  He fought getting into it a little but overall, he was awesome!  He’s wearing, two long sleeve onesies, two long sleeve shirts, two pairs of pants, three pairs of socks, a hat and scarf.  What a trooper!  Once people started dropping candy and things into his bucket… I think he forgot about the ‘trama’ of getting dressed in his costume.  You couldn’t pry that bucket from his hands his grip was sooo tight!

The haul.  He went over all the candy very carefully and finally decided to focus all his attention on a tempting little lolly pop.  But I’m sure you can all guess who will most likely be eating this candy… gah! 

We had lots of fun with our little man :)  He was so good and everyone loved his costume!  Hope you all had a great time too!  We are STILL finding feathers floating around! :p

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