Ugly to Fab – Dollar Store Bird Redo

I think almost any crafty person frequents the dollar store looking for cheap ways to feed their crafting habit.  I’m in there all the time when Christmas starts approaching.  There is so much stuff and they are always putting out more and more fun holiday decorations!

I found these birds.  They are ugly, but it’s not their fault.  Cheap plastic with obvious seems where it was glued together, and plastic hair for a tail…. poor thing!  Time for a little stash busting :)

I pulled off the cheap plastic tail and coated the bird with Mod Podge.  Mixed up some glitter.  I almost always use more then one colour as it gives it more colour depth, this was wine red and copper mixed together.  I did two coats of glitter to be sure it got even coverage.  After it dried, I gave a top coat of Mod Podge so the glitter wouldn’t transfer onto things.  And yes!  It still sparkles!

I had a stash of peacock feathers that I purchased off of Pick Your Plum.  It’s a great site that offers daily deals on craft supplies.

Glued a few feathers into the end where the plastic tail used to be.  Soooo much better!  Don’t you think?

I think they are super pretty :)  I made six in total, two of each colour.  Not bad for a total of $3.00.  They could go on the Christmas tree, on a gift in place of a bow, or anywhere else really that needs a little prettying up!

Check your dollar store!  They always have birds of some sort… sometimes, they just need a little help!

Glitter combo’s used (equal parts of each);
Gold Bird:  yellow gold, pale gold, champagne and silver
Teal Bird:  blue, green
Wine Bird:  wine red, copper

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