Miniatures in a Jar

streetlamp jar
Let’s make this awesome little waterless snow globe shall we?  It would make a sweet addition to your holiday decor and it’s a little reminiscent of Narnia, isn’t it?*Pssst… if you like this project, be sure to check out my miniature winter scene in a book, and my wee garden in a teacup.

I found this little streetlamp miniature at the dollar store alongside some train tracks and accessories.  I liked this one because it actually lights up!
1.  I glued the base of the lamp to the snap lid of a mason jar.  I flipped the lid so it would be inside out… because the glue would hold better on the metal side.
2.  Grabbed some fake snow.  Again, from the dollar store (Dollarama here in Ontario)
3.  Using some glue around the base of the lamp, I covered the lid with the snow.
4.  I put a little extra snow inside the mason jar, some fine white glitter, and gently screwed on the lid.  The wire for the light was very thin, so it didn’t interfere with screwing the lid on.  PS, the glitter is sticking to the jar on it’s own, no glue used.  Just static!
Flip the switch, give it a shake and enjoy!  How cute would a grouping of these on a mantle be in different sized jars….
And just to show you, it even looks cute when the lamp post light is off.  The waterless snow globe just opens up so many possibilities doesn’t it?!
I’d love to hear your thoughts on other little things to put inside a waterless globe!

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    • lenzi says

      Love love love this!!! The kids and I will make this this year!! I am always looking for cheap but pretty things to do for decorations. This would be a great gift as well!

  1. says

    How charming! I would love to see this in my living room with only the Christmas lights turned on at night :).

    What about a melted snowman? If you could find the pieces: tiny top hat, mittens, little black coal, scarf…

  2. Dee says

    Absolutely love this! I have a thing for snow globes and street lights, so this is magical to me! Shared it on my CraftBliss Facebook page. Happy Holidays! ~Dee

  3. says

    Michele nailed it, like Narnia. This is so beautiful! I can’t believe the little lamppost actually lights up… be damned, dollar store, for not being the Pound Store and selling in Britain! I know for a fact that after posting this comment, I will be browsing the interwebs for a little light up lamppost, as I don’t think I can live without this snow globe. Well, not happily ever after, anyway.

  4. says

    Thank you all for your kind words! To ‘anonymous’, the glitter I used was rather fine, so it just stuck to the inside of the jar on it’s own. Perhaps a little static action contributed… but no glue was used.

    And Michele, exactly! Narnia (the movie) was on TV just last week so it’s funny you should say that… perhaps I subconsciously got some inspiration from that lol. 😉

    • heavan says

      Hello I was hoping you could help me out. I fell in love with this idea and I’m having a very hard time finding the three – way street light. I live in Ohio and I’ve been to all the dollar stores and there websites and still no luck

  5. says

    I live in Australia, and so have never had a fully snowy winter, but this… little slice of White Christmas in my house :) Love it, will have to try it 😀

  6. Anonymous says

    LOVE THIS IDEA!!! I think it would be great if you could use different size jars and put individual village pieces in them. It would look nice, be easy set up and no snowy mess everwhere. However,most individual pieces light up with a much larger light fixture (night light-bulb size) so I am not sure how that would work, unless you could invert a jar ring, or another jar lid, and glue it on bottom of the one on this jar to elevate it off of the surface and allow height for the larger cord to go under. YOu would have to cut a notch out of the back of it for the cord to come out/through.

  7. says

    I found your blog in a random way but I love it! The projects you post are so inspiring. I ended up checking it out all the way back to the first post! I really like the frame around the light switch and the felt ideas. I’ll be back.

  8. says

    @ Emily, I’m not sure what the brand the lamp post is and I don’t have the packaging any longer. But… I do stop by the Dollar store where I bought it regularly… if they still have some, I’ll make note and let you know :)

  9. says

    like others I thought about Narnia as well… a lone lightpost in the snow… will be looking for this as well or one that has the single light to somehow replicate… thanks for the tutorial

  10. Anonymous says

    This idea is SUPERB. I want to make them as gifts. I’ve been to 3 dollarama stores and can’t find the lamp posts. Looks like ‘Sarah’ found them recently. Just wondering whereabouts in Ontario or how recently you bought them? … otherwise I’ll just have to use my own imagination :)

  11. Anonymous says

    Love this little project of yours. Thanks so much for sharing. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


  12. Anonymous says

    you could make different ones for the different holidays…..easter bunnies with little eggs, flags(4th July), pumpkins(halloween), tree with leaves (fall), sand with little umbrella (summer)

  13. Alison says

    I love this! So wish I could find those little street lamps…only ones I can find are online and they are pricey and all connected together…like for a village display. Anyone have any luck finding single ones here in the US?

  14. Anonymous says

    I made one of these with a cute silver tree. For some reason my snow did not fall nicely like yours did. The snow just fell to the bottom in a flash. I am wondering if the snow i got made a difference. I found a lamppost at Walmart that light up for close to $3.00.

  15. Danielle Jones says

    Gorgeous! I’m a bit of a craft virgin, how do you get the glitter to stick to the inside of the jar without any glue blobs being visible?

    • says

      lol @ craft virgin! There really isn’t any magic here… just static 😉 Glitter sticks to everything! Just make sure the glitter you use is finer (not the chunky stuff) and static cling will do the rest! Thanks for visiting!

  16. Anonymous says

    is there a website where we can find some of the lights i can not find them anywhere i have everything else :(

  17. Anonymous says

    i work as an activites diector at a senoir citizens center in Indiana. I am always looking for easy and things to do. We will be making these with artifical birds and grad childern and greatchildren pics on tis wednesday . Thanks for help (ideas), these will be great gifts.

  18. J. Cutshaw says

    i adore this idea. was searching for mason jar uses and so glad i found your blog. new follower now thanks. i have a lodge themed livingroom so i think i will do this idea but put little fake pine trees inside then paint on a black bear on the outside, thank you for the inspiration

  19. Chandra says

    I have searched everywhere: JoAnns, Hobby Lobby, Lowes, Home Depot, Michaels, Amazon, Ebay, Ruby Lane, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Big Lots….but nowhere are the lamp posts you posted to be found. This is 5th time I’ve seen something sold at Dollarama that I want and can’t find here in the states….. I need a connection to their buyer. :-)

    • says

      Chandra, I wish I could help you find these! Since I’m in Canada, I’m not sure where other then craft stores to direct you? I have seen them on ebay before, and even some on amazon, but more expensive of course. Our biggest chain of dollar stores here in Ontario (Dollarama) is where I get mine. Fortunately, I still have one lamp left for a future project!

    • Angie says

      I looked everywhere and finally found a lamp at Wal-Mart! It’s a part of their christmas village collection. JoAnn’s has some too, but they were four lampposts on one circuit. The one I found at Wal-Mart is close to the one in this post, but a little different. Still cute and $3.97. I hate shopping at Wal-Mart but it was my last hope and it came through. Hope this helps!

  20. Samantha says

    I saw this and HAD to do it. I didn’t have a mason jar, so I used an old jar from some store bought pickled peppers… I also didn’t have any fake snow so I shredded some styrofoam. I LOVE how it looks. They have those little lanterns at Dollerama stores right now! Thanks for the wonderful DIY project!

  21. says

    These are so cute!! I just made some small house waterless snow globes (similar to your post, but I built houses with white cardstock and used glass glitter instead of fake snow), but I LOVE the idea of making these into a little night light! I’m going to have to hunt down some inexpensive street lights so I can try this project out!

  22. Grayce says

    This is a great idea. So far, I’ve made a snowman and a Christmas tree with miniature lights, inside a mason jar. I also found some musical buttons like you’d find on a card or toy. It’s wide enough to put on the outside of the lid, so pick up the jar, hit the button and it will play “Jingle Bells”.
    I’ve been looking for a way to put a single light inside. I’ve been looking at the Fairy Berries but those have to be turned on every time. The only other one I have found is the “submersable” for flower vases. Those are “turned on” when the water is added to put pressure on them. I couldn’t quite figure out what to do with the corded ones but I will have to try this. I found some lamps last year with the Christmas Village collections that were on clearance that were single lamps and some this year at Wal-Mart a lot cheaper. I’ve got a few different size jars and am learning not to toss out any kind of container.

    The big flakes of glitter, and also found some mini paper punches that are different shapes of snowflakes so I’ve used different blue and white colors and also some hologram glitter paper so there’s a mixture for the “snow” if you can’t find the fine cut flakes.

    Thanks for the ideas and beautiful work on these!

  23. says

    Does Micheal’s sell the fake snow? We only have Dollar Tree here in Virginia and we don’t have the mini lamps or the fake snow :/ I have located the lamps. Love this project!

    • Anonymous says

      Where on EARTH did you find the lamps? I want to make these bad. i am in Texas. So any chain store. Also if you have a brand of the lamp maybe that would work better. Dangit canada, why do you have better dollar stores?!

  24. Charity says

    I saw these last year and I’ve been dying to make them, but I can’t find lamp posts. Are they battery operated or do they plug into a wall? The only ones I can find are part of a train set that you wire to the entire set. :(

    • says

      Hi Charity, they are battery operated. I found mine at my local dollarstore (but only at Christmas time). Otherwise, I too have had trouble finding them. Somewhere that sells train or doll house miniatures are all I can think of otherwise (so you’re on the right track!). Try searching on Amazon or Ebay. I’ve seen them from time to time. Cheers!

  25. Dee says

    I am going to make this! This is such a great idea! I’m going to try it on a larger scale! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Colleen O'Coin says

    What a great idea so many possibilities , with the lamp post it would be cute with mini carollers or mini pine tree decorated or even little mini animals beside a small bush . Totally awesome

  27. KimbErley says

    I found lamposts at Walmart that look very similar to the Narnia lampost for $3.97 (they are in the christmas Section where all the train village pieces are). Problem was, there were two lamps wired to one battery pack and I only needed one for this project. Took them to a good friend who is an electrician and he said it was a very easy fix since the lamps aren’t wired in a series. He took the back off the battery pack, cut the wires to one of the lamps, took tiny pieces of electrical tape and covered up the ends of the cut wires that were left in the battery pack and voila!! I had a single light up Narnia lampost for this project for $3.97!!! Sooooo excited to make this!

    • Amber *SaltTree* says

      Awesome! I’ve found the odd one like that as well, and it was pretty quick and easy to separate them! I recently found a set of two train track crossing signals… I plan on separating them as well and making a small lamp for my sons room! I’m sure I’ll find a craft for the remaining ‘non light up’ crossing signal at some point! Enjoy!

  28. Amber says

    For Narnia!…and for a best friend’s Christmas gift…because…well it’s a gift I would love to get :) Great Name BTW :)

  29. says

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