Today we have an incredibly easy project… so much that I probably don’t even need to do a tutorial.  But just in case… here you go!  Some simple and sweet yarn wrapped styrofoam balls, which I call, Yarnaments.  Clever right?  … Um…. okay… maybe a little silly… but so am I lol.

Supplies needed:  Styrofoam balls, Yarn, Scissors.  Foofy work surface is not required, but highly recommended.

Hold down the end of your yarn and just start wrapping it around the styrofoam ball.  Once you get it around a few times, the tail end will not unravel.  Keep going around and around until you can no longer see the styrofoam and the ball looks uniform.  Cut your yarn so that you’re free from the skein (ball of yarn), and knot it around one of the strands you’ve wrapped around the ball.  Tuck in the tail end under the other strands of yarn.

You can tie an extra bit of yarn so you can hang the yarnament or use ribbon… or don’t tie anything at all!

I think they would look adorable on a Christmas tree, in a bowl as decoration or hanging a bunch together in a group.  I think the multicoloured one is my favourite… it reminds me of candy canes!

Remember, yarn, styrofoam and a foofy work surface = a good time.

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    found you over at Trendy Treehouse. LOVE these yarn ball ornaments, they are so cute and I was actually looking for something just like this to make. I will be stopping at the dollar store tomorrow for styrofoam balls – these will look great on my tree. thank you!

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