Reminiscing about Foster’s Adventures

I was thinking today about all the fun I had last year at this time, taking adventure photos of my little guy Foster (now 15 months old).  Some of you may have seen my adventure posts from last year.  Foster went on over 75 adventures!  I really loved doing the scene pictures and sometimes I feel sad that there haven’t been any more.  He is constantly on the go now so there is no way I could get him to stay still for a scene picture now.  Maybe when he’s a little older and understands what ‘stay still’ means… lol.  Maybe….

Well here is a couple from the past.  *Sniff*… he’s gotten so big since I took these!

Ah… what a great little model he was!  Sigh…I think I’m going to go snuggle my little guy now lol…. have a wonderful day all!
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  1. Carmella says

    This is adorable! Did I miss the link where you had posted more of these?? My first time seeing them and I am blown away, what a fun idea!

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