Sour Apple Microwave Lollies

Are you intimidated by hard candy making?  Using a standard household microwave, these sweet little lollies are a cinch to make.  No candy thermometer needed!


1 Cup White sugar
½  Cup Light corn syrup (I had golden on hand, so that’s what I used)
½  tsp Apple flavoured extract
1 tsp Citric Acid (flavour boost which gives the tart taste)
Food colouring (as desired)

Materials Needed
Microwave safe bowl or 4 cup glass measuring cup (ie: Pyrex)
Plastic wrap
Candy moulds
Lollipop sticks
Non stick spray (ie: Pam)
Oven mitts / pot holders

Tip!  Have everything measured, laid out and ready before you begin (including the extra piece of plastic wrap).  Things will move very quick once the mixture starts to cook in the microwave.  I highly recommend reading through all the instructions before you proceed.

Prepare your clean and dry lollipop moulds by spraying them lightly with cooking spray.  Put all the sticks in place.  My moulds were purchased from Golda’s Kitchen.

Measure out the food colouring, apple flavouring and Citric Acid (I used Tart and Sour).  The colour combination I used was 5 drops of green, 20 drops of yellow.

Mix corn syrup and sugar in the microwave safe bowl until well combined.  It will be a sticky mix of sugaryness.  Cover the bowl well, with a piece of plastic wrap and microwave on HIGH for 3 minutes, 15 seconds.

Remove from the microwave using pot holders, remove the plastic wrap and give it a good quick stir with a clean spoon (be very careful of the steam when removing the plastic wrap).  Quickly recover with a NEW piece of plastic wrap, place it back in the microwave using pot holders and cook it again on HIGH for 3 minutes, 15 seconds.

Remove from the microwave again using pot holders, remove the plastic wrap and stir in the colouring and flavouring with another clean spoon.  Now we pour!

I transferred my candy into a dispenser, but a Pyrex measuring cup would work great too.  In fact, if you have a 4 cup glass measuring cup, you can make the candy right in it, then pour from it.  I just didn’t have a measuring cup that large hence why I made my candy in a bowl.  Work quickly….it hardens before you know it!  In case you are wondering, I had enough to fill five lollipop sheets, each mould making six, 1 1/2 inch lollies.

Let them cool.  Do not refrigerate or put in the freezer to try and cool them faster.  Just let it happen.  Once they are cool, pop them out. If you are storing them all together, dust them with icing sugar to keep them from sticking to each other, or separate them using wax paper.  Otherwise, you could wrap them in individual lolly bags.

How delightful!  Of course with Valentines day approaching, you could make red or pink lollies and give them to your sweetheart.  I’m just not one for traditional Valentines day colours myself.  So green they be!  And they are smack-your-lips yummy!
Oh… and if you are wondering about cleanup, I found nothing works better then boiling hot water.
*Recipe adapted from LorAnn Oils Microwave Hard Candy Recipe.

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    These are great! My daughter can’t wait to get started making some. Thanks so much for linking to the party.

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