DIY Fabric Scrap Bowl

fabric bowl

A while ago, I was browsing at a home decor store and saw a neat fabric bowl that I picked up instantly and my inside voice said ‘want!’.  The price tag said ‘put me down!’.  I just couldn’t justify paying for it when I new I could make this on my own.  I decided to do a little digging around the www, and found a few variations of this type of project.  Yay!

Want to see how I did it?  You know the drill… follow along and I’ll show you!

Materials Needed:
Cording / Rope
Fabric scraps
Hot glue

Gather up your fabric scraps.  You can do a hodge podge of patterns, colours or you can keep it all in the same family.  I used whatever I had.  I would suggest using similar weighted fabrics.

Cut the fabric into 1.5 inch strips or so.  No need to measure, just wing it.  If you are doing a decent size bowl, cut a lot!

Scavenge or purchase some cotton cording or any type of rope.  Mine was a plastic type rope from the dollar store.  But really, anything with that shape would work.

Get your glue gun ready and start wrapping the scraps around the rope, working along the length of it.  You don’t have to glue the entire thing, but I would put a dot of glue mid way through wrapping the strip of fabric, then again at the end.  Once you’ve finished wrapping the strip of fabric, tack on a new strip with a dot of glue and continue wrapping.  Do this until you have finished the length of rope.

This is my fabulous fabric snake lol.  It’s 50 feet!  Surprisingly, it didn’t take me nearly as long as I thought it would.  So don’t be intimidated.  If you want to make a decent size bowl, you will need quite a bit of length.

Load up some more hot glue.  Coil up one end of your fabric rope and glue.  Hold it flat against a work surface.  Run a thin bead of hot glue around and keep wrapping the fabric rope to make the base of your bowl.  Make sure to coil it tightly so you don’t end up with gaps.

Once you have the base as big as you want, start working the fabric rope up the sides, then start coiling it upwards, gluing along the way.

Once you have it the size you want, glue the tail end in place, clean off any glue strands and you are done.  Voila!  You have a fabric bowl!

If you want to get ‘crazy’, you could coil it into a vase like this!

The vase was a section of 29 feet of a thinner rope (used the entire 29 feet).  The other two pieces were made from 50 feet of slightly thicker rope.

A big one would be awesome for magazines or books by the bed.  A small one would be great for hair clips or bobby pin storage… a medium one for mail by the front door even.


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  1. Suki says

    I adore the vase!! My sister made an Easter basket last year for her daughter in a similar manner. It made me want a fabric basket. I still haven’t made one… but that vase….

    • says

      Lol… it is a love / hate relationship isn’t it?? I mean… it’s crafting one glue gun burn at a time! But until I find something more dependable then my trusty glue gun, that’s just how it’s going to be :p Good luck!

  2. redfly says

    So cool! I love it. I love the shapes you chose too. Gonna have to try this one!


    • says

      susanna,真係凍到呢….. 但咁靚嘅景,咩都抵返啦! Leo,å—±.. 我件cutting靚好多架 :pWordy,ç„¡è«–ä¿‚å’©reason, u r都welcome :)Agnes,個pancakes真係好高分!Shangri-la,prob u hv not been following my canada travelogue la, its in sequence ga~TT,我哋咪又係去嗰間GG囉.. 房tæ€é¾æ„œ¶ˆå¤œé£Ÿæoast&jam架!真䑂講吓又咁多年..

  3. Chandra says

    AH-mazing!…Now I wish I would not have given my fabric scraps away! Love this project and will be adding to my Pinterest board. New to your blog and glad I found your little creative space on the web. Would love to have you stop by sometime and share your creativity with my readers on Wednesdays. Happy Weekend 😀

  4. Annette says

    I have tons of baby cloths that I just can’t part with after all 3 of my boys wearing them…I think I’ll cut some up and make one of these! I can KEEP my MEMORIES ;0)) WooHoo!!! Thanks for the idea!!!

    Have you found any certain fabric works better than others?

  5. says

    Hi Annette! Thanks for stopping by!

    I used lighter and medium weight fabrics. I would say, the medium weight fabrics (like you would use for pillows, drapes, or recovering a chair seat)didn’t have a lot of flexibility to it, which make the rope a little bulkier when done, but it did give a lot of stability to the end product. I tried some lighter weight cotton fabric that had a subtle stretch and it was quite easy to work with and gave a little smoother finish once the rope was wrapped. So really, it’s your preference.

    I think using some baby clothes is an amazing idea! I might just have to do the same with my sons old clothes 😉


  6. says

    What a lovely tutorial! I love the idea of a fabric bowl.
    On the 17th of March I will blog about DIY-ideas with fabric scraps and I want to share the link to this tutorial with the first picture. Please let me know if that’s alright with you?

  7. Jeans and a Sweatshirt- says

    This is a going to be a great project for all of the ugly fabrics my mom gave me!patterns won’t matter!

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