Make It: Laundry Line Clothespin Basket

There is one particular thing I look forward to in the warm months to come… being able to forgo the clothes dryer and use my laundry line!  Not only does it save quite a bit of energy and money, but sun dried laundry smells soooo nice.  And, it’s the best bleach there is for your whites.

To make laundry hanging a little easier, I decided to make a clothespin hanging basket so I’m ready to roll once those temperatures rise.  Made using some scrap fabric and two metal hangers, I now have a handy stay open basket that will slide along my laundry line with me as I hang my clothes.

Mine is very basic.  You can make this as simple, fancy or as ‘finished’ as you like.  This project cost me $0.00.  Yep.

Get your self two metal hangers.  Mine were ones that came home with some dry cleaning.  They are sturdy, but thin enough to bend with your hands.

I bent both of them into a circle and bent the hooks up like so.  You can adjust the shape more later to get it just right for you.

Using packing tape, I attached both of my hangers together, leaving space between the two hook parts.  You need two hooks so that your basket doesn’t spin around once up on the laundry line.

Next I sewed the bag part of it.  I measured my hanger hoop and sewed a simple sack.  Honestly, I didn’t even pin anything.  Just free handed it.  My sewing machine has some fun stitch patterns, so I did a row all the way around my bag to give it a little something.  If you want yours to be super duper finished, you could line the bag with a coordinating fabric.  *Oooooo*…. fancy!

Insert the hanger ring into the bag, fold the edge over and pin it in place.  Make any adjustments you need to.  Then, you can either hand stitch the bag in place, or hot glue it.  I vote for hot glue!  You can reshape the hoop if you need too.  I made mine a bit more oval in the end.

That’s it!  One super quick and useful project completed.  What do you think?

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  1. momto8 says

    a fast useful project that costs zero dollars…PERFECT!
    thanks for this idea!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  2. Emily says

    Whoo hoo! Made this for my Mother in law as a Christmas gift. Was quick and easy to whip up, and she loved it. I lined the bag with printed fabric which contrasted against the almost-solid purple outside. Thanks for the help!

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