DIY Planter for Umbrella Patio Tables

For a long, long time, I’ve been searching for a planter or flower pot with a hole in it to fit my patio table umbrella through the centre.  Recently, I went to a design show and a very talented pottery maker was selling just the thing.  They were beautiful but a little out of my budget.  It wasn’t until that moment that it dawned on me to make my own!

So here it is, my dollar store version, just as effective and much more accessible!

Head to your local dollar store and select a sturdy bowl, pot or appropriately shaped container made of plastic.  Then find a sturdy plastic cup that is wide enough to fit over your patio table umbrella pole.

Trace the bottom of the cup to the inside of the bowl.  Cut out the hole you marked on the bowl and cut the bottom off the cup.

Using a waterproof adhesive appropriate for bonding plastic (I used E-6000), adhere the cut end of the cup to the inside of the bowl and let dry.  Make sure there is a good seal so water and dirt will not seep out.  I added an extra bead of glue to the underside.  Don’t worry if it’s a little messy, nobody will see it!

Put a few stones in the bottom for drainage, add some potting soil and plants or herbs.  There you have it!  An inexpensive planter to surround your patio table umbrella!

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    • says

      Would like to know what was used to cut a hole in the bottom of the plastic bowl and bottom of plastic cup? Would like to make this patio table planter but not sure how to cut the hole…thanks for your time….and this is the great idea. Love it !!! Will be waiting for your response.

  1. Lori says

    That is a fabulous idea! I have never seen one of these, but I now have to have one…mine will be the dollar tree version too. So glad I found you via Mom On Timeout. I’m a new follower and I would love if you stopped by too, so we can stay connected. Lori

  2. Fifi @ AboutBloggingTime! says

    Awesome!! I wish we had our outdoor patio already!! I’m itching to host parties in the back yard and this centerpiece would be outstanding!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Lydia says

    Love your umbrella planter. I had the same thought a few years back and was also trying to solve for the fact that we live in an area with storms and high winds, so I was also looking to add more weight to my table to prevent tipping! I used a ceramic pot and did basically the same thing you did, but I noticed it was hard to keep plants alive in the hot Texas sun, so my next version of this I did not use plants…just large seashells from past visits to the beach and I have been thrilled with the no maintenance results. Great minds think alike! Glad I stumbled across your pin :-)

  4. lillian says

    This would be a great and inexpensive DIY for a garden wedding or other garden gatherings. We always have several tables with umbrellas on the lawn.

  5. bailey says

    I love this! It’s absolutely perfect. I was looking for ideas about an umbrella for the patio table we’re getting (the one my family had when I was little, it’s several decades old but just needs a little TLC and new paint, and has matching wire rocking chairs). I’ve got a little apartment with patio and am doing my best for the garden area to make it very special. This will be a lovely touch, as the table will always have fresh flowers (or whatever I plant here, maybe mint as it is wont to spread?).
    Long story short, thank you for this! I love it and will certainly be making this soon.

  6. Dianne Morris says

    after I glued the glass to bowl, my husband said I should have punched holes toward the bottom of the glass for drainage. I just heated up my hot glue gun and melted 4 holes. Now water won’t run over and get all over my table. He also suggested putting ice and beer in it instead of plants. LOL

  7. Diana Fucci says

    ‘Love this idea but it looks like you would need expensive cutting tools and/or be equipped to make the holes (jig saw?) necessary to carry this off…Any ideas for an “average”person to get the job done?


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