Hot Glam Girl… Those Shoes are Glitterific!

glitter shoes

Along with the brooch bouquet that I made for my friend Kristina’s wedding this past weekend, I also glamified her shoes.

A little Mod Podge, a smaller paint brush and some fine glitter of your choice is all you need.  Well in addition to shoes that is!

These are the shoes before.  A lovely neutral pair of leather heels.  I applied an even coat of Mod Podge over the sole and inside part of the heel.  Over a large container (I used an empty pie tin) sprinkle the glitter onto the Podged areas of the sole.  Tap the shoes to shake off any excess and let them dry well.  Apply a second coat of Podge over the entire glittered area and coat again with glitter.  The second coat will ensure good coverage.  Tap the shoes again to knock off the excess glitter and then let them dry.  I didn’t do the toe of the shoe as I didn’t want to cover the treads.

Keep in mind, Mod Podge is water soluble so if you thing you might wear your newly glittered shoes in the rain or snow, you may want to consider using Outdoor Mod Podge, or protecting it with a clear coat spray.

We took the shoes one tiny step further by adding some sparkle to the back of the upper heel.  These were earrings with the hook removed and glued to the back of the shoe using contact cement.  E-6000 would work too, I just can’t find mine!

And I couldn’t resist doing a pair of my own shoes with this awesome emerald green!  Love!

A couple extra notes:
Try to do this on shoes that have a strong supportive sole.  If the sole bends a lot when you walk, the glitter finish could be prone to cracking.

If you decide you no longer like the glitter and you didn’t do a clear coat over top, you might be able to remove the glitter finish with warm water.  As I said earlier, Mod Podge is water soluble, so if you dampen the area with a warm cloth, with some patience, you could likely peel the layer of glitter right off the shoe.  Obviously, this can vary depending on the material used to construct the shoe.  If you do try to remove the finish, I would recommend protecting the surrounding areas of the shoe with plastic wrap and taping down the edges by the sole so water doesn’t ruin the finish of the shoe itself.  I am not guaranteeing it can be removed, I’m saying it’s possible.

Now go raid your closet and glitter stash!

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  1. Jelli says

    These look so pretty! I’ve seen this done before on Kurtz Corner, and I’d love to try it sometime. How long does the glitter stay put?

  2. says

    I love it!!!! I saw a gal on tv with glitter on her pumps like this, and I thought, “oh, I could so do that!” Great job!

  3. says

    My daughter is going to LOVE this! I just bought Mod Podge for another project last week and we have a ton of glitter. She is graduating from High School in two weeks and will love to Glam up her shoes. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  4. says

    Fantastic idea – even better and funkier than the red Louboutin sole!- and how glittery glamorous! Thank you ever so much for kindly sharing your highly creative posts on my Girly Mondays link party, have a lovely day :)

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