Red Rooibos Iced Tea With Spiced Plum & Orange

Like many Canadians, most of my exposure to iced tea has been the sweetened canned variety.  I remember driving through the States when I was younger and we stopped at a fast food chain for lunch.  I ordered iced tea… not realizing what I really wanted was sweet tea!  Boy was I surprised when the iced tea I ordered was unsweetened lol.

Now that I’m all grown up (mostly), I like making my own iced tea.  I still sweeten it, but not nearly as much as the store bought varieties.

This is one of my new favourites.  Using Spiced Plum Red Rooibos Tea (Tetley brand), you can be sure to surprise your guests with this unexpected flavour!  Red Rooibos is known for it’s many health benefits and a huge bonus, it’s naturally caffeine free!

In a heat proof glass bowl or pitcher, pour in 4 cups of boiled water.  Let it stand for a few minutes, then add 4 tea bags and 3 slices of orange with the rind.  I love the mixture of the orange with the plum flavour.   Let steep for about 30 minutes, then remove the tea bags and orange slices.

As I said, I like my tea sweetened.  And like a good Canadian girl, I’m using pure Canadian maple syrup.  My parents picked up some last time they were in New Brunswick from a little place called The Sugar Shack.  It is sooooo yummy!

I added a couple tablespoons until it was to my liking.  It’s a great flavour with the spiced plum and red rooibos!  If you don’t have pure maple syrup, try using honey, stevia, agave nectar or even white sugar.  However, if you do use white sugar, I’d recommend making a simple syrup first, so you don’t end up with sugar bits in your tea.

There were bits of orange pulp floating in my tea, so I strained it but you don’t have to.  Refrigerate until cool.  Serve over ice.

I had a set of awesome glasses complete with glass straws that I scored at the thrift store some time ago.  Perfect for my iced tea!  I tossed a few berries into my glass for good measure.  Enjoy!

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  1. Jonnique says

    Your Tea looks great and I love your blog header. Your newest follower via TimeOutThursday!!! Please follow back so we can share creative ideas!?

  2. Evelyn says

    Being from the South I love ice tea. This sounds wonderful, I have never heard of roobios tea but I would love to try it, red plum huh, sounds delicious. Just popping over from One Artsy Mama to check this out:) I would love for you to share this at Freedom Fridays. So hoping to see you and your cookies there!
    PS Still enjoying following you.

  3. says

    Mmmm, I’m going to have to try that red plum rooibus…I LOVE red tea. I’ve tried Good Hope Vanilla which has almost a butterscotchy taste to it; SO good. I’m glad you shared at Shine on Fridays! :)

  4. says

    I’m very excited to try this. I LOVE tea and always drink decaf but the rooibus is new to me. Thanks so much for sharing and for posting on my link party at doodles and stitches. I hope you’ll continue to post something each week :)

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