Kitchen Cabinets Before & After

Yay!  We finished repainting our kitchen cabinets!  I wish there was a photo kicking around of what they looked like when we first moved in.  They were these hideous golden wood colour, stained, marked up and had wood and brass handles to match.  Just not our style.

We had stained them this dark ebony colour which we really loved, but it’s been over 5 years and as much as we liked them dark, it was time for a change.  We wanted to brighten things up a bit in our small space.  To the paint store!

We chose two different shades of blue from the same CIL paint chip.  Wilton Blue for the top cabinets and a darker shake called Stormy Seas, for the bottom cabinets.  We also chose melamine paint and primer for added durability.  The cabinets got a sanding and the painting began thanks to my Dad :)

We have a few little touch ups left to do but this is pretty well done!  It feels like a completely different house!  Our main floor is small, very open and the kitchen is central so the impact is huge.  With our neutral grey walls and colourful accents in the rest of the house, the blues we chose turned out just how we had hoped.

The appliances seem to shine a little more and even my pretty mixer seems to look a little cuter lol.  All for just the cost of some paint.

We love it!  Hopefully it will give us a few more years with these 18 year old, builder basic cabinets!

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