Make a Knife ‘Block’ Vase

knife block

We can’t leave our knives in the bank of drawers in our kitchen any longer.  Our little toddler can get anything out of those drawers, safety latch or not!  Nothing like being hit in the head with the end of a turkey baster when you least expect it.  He um…likes to throw things.  Lol.

The knives all migrated to the back of the counter, behind the toaster.  Classy, I know!  But with his long reach, we were running out of places to hide them.

Time to get creative and make a knife block!  Well… sort of.  I had this pretty and simple vase to use as the exterior of the knife block.  I wanted it to look a little nicer then a typical block.

Dollar store time!  I picked up a whole bunch of broom heads in this pretty blue colour.  Six to be exact.  I think corn brooms would be fun too but the knife block would cost a lot more to make that way.

Using snips (I actually used metal snips, but sharp scissors with a one piece metal handle and blade construction would work… plastic handled scissors will break), I snipped off all the bristles and kept them all the same direction.  See how the bottom of the broom the bristles are frayed?  I made sure to keep all of those ends together.

I put them all in my vase with the frayed side down.  Once I had enough bristles to make it really dense (I used six broom heads), I removed the bristles, flooded the bottom of the container with an appropriate adhesive and put the bristles back in, making sure they were all pushed down.

I set the vase aside to let the adhesive dry.  I left it for days to be sure.  After all, the bristles are very dense and make it difficult for the glue to setup since it’s not getting a lot of air.  So dry time will depend on the adhesive used and how dense the bristles are.

Once I was sure it was completely dry, I trimmed the ends of the bristles with my snips again.  This took some time and patience.  I also did it outside on the patio so it would be easy to sweep up.  Those little bits flew all over the place lol.

I love how it turned out!  I’m not going to fool you, it was a lot of work cutting all of those bristles!  But I like that I can use it for a wide variety of cutting tools and it looks pretty!

If you make one, just don’t skimp out on the bristles!  Make sure it’s really packed full.

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  1. Cathy says

    What a great idea! And you’re right it does look pretty! This has just solved a very great problem with my lack of countertops.
    You say “appropriate adhesive” as in???? I was thinking it shouldn’t dry too hard as it could possibly dull the tips of the knives. How about sealant? clear or whatever?
    Many thanks,

    • says

      A sealant or anything really that would have a rubbery type finish to it when it’s dry would be fab. E-6000 is great and it dries clear / is water resistant. It really depends on the container you are using… so as long as it will stick to the container and the broom bristles, you’re good to go!

    • Cathy says

      Thanks for the reply. I’m thinking caulking or at least I’m thinking that’s what I’m thinking. This post also headed my brain in another direction I was having a problem with. I have an old sealer/jar with a lid that requires a rubber ring to make it seal only I can’t find any large enough. I only use it for pasta so am not so worried about the contents getting stale. What has me worried is it is now sealing glass on glass – not good! So I wonder if a clear sealant of some kind (maybe even hot glue left to air dry) would help make a seal but I could still open the jar. Who knows? Certainly worth a try! Isn’t it weird and wonderful how our brains work (or at least how mine works!).
      Thanks again!!

  2. Ang says

    This is SUCH a good idea! I’m visiting from – found you on the Mop it Up Monday Linky Party. I hope you’ll come visit me, too :)

  3. meet.make.laugh. says

    Wow! This is really cool… we have one similar but we definitely bought it… and probably paid way more!

  4. T!na says

    Now that is the neatest idea! I am definitely going to borrow this idea. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day.

  5. Claiming Our Space says

    How clever. I would never have thought to use broom bristles on a knife block. Thanks for sharing on Tout It Tuesday! Hope to see you tomorrow.

  6. Lindsey says

    Great idea! How do you keep it clean? I can imagine all sorts of crumbs and dust finding their way in those bristles! Did you clean the brooms before you put the knives in?

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