Refinished Dressers with DIY Chalkpaint

DIY chalk paint

You may have seen my recent post of the jewelry display I made.  I painted it with homemade chalkpaint instead of buying the pricey version.  I was extremely happy with the results, so I decided to follow through with doing some furniture.

My in-laws recently downsized to a smaller home since it’s just the two of them now, and of course, they had to get rid of quite a few things.  My husbands childhood bedroom set included.

Except for a couple little blemishes, this wooden set was in fab shape.  So when they offered the set to us, we jumped!  It had a dresser, a tall boy and a night table.  I also had another night table kicking around that needed redoing.  After a little convincing, I got the ‘ok’ to paint them.  You know boys and their ‘you want to cover up that beautiful wood grain?’… yes… yes I do.  Lol.

I mixed up some chalk paint.  1 Tbsp non-sanded grout mixed with a touch of water just to make it easier to mix into the 1 cup of latex paint.  Mixed until smooth and started brushing it on.

Excuse some of the poorly lit photos, but here is the tall boy all painted.  It took two coats.  Then I went over the edges with some sand paper to expose some of the wood underneath and distress it a bit.

I opted to keep the distressing to a minimal.  Once I was happy with it, I rubbed on MinWax’s natural finishing paste.  Then buffed them all.  I cheated and used the car buffer lol.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the original hardware (bottom right), but my husband was.  I found some pretty golden knobs (lower left), that were almost identical to the original knobs, then *squeal!* my deal of awesomeness…. the drawer pulls in the upper right… a whopping 23 cents each!  I really like how they all work together!

This dresser is mine :)  You can see it with my pretty jewelry display above it.  Love!

Before and after of the tall boy.  Again, sorry for the weird lighting of the white dresser!  It really doesn’t do it justice!

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  1. Self Sagacity says

    Have you used your formula of chalk paint before? It looks great! I have a couple of furniture pieces to redo.

    • says

      Hi Kate, I just cleaned the surface to make sure there was no grime or greasy residue on the surface and removed the hardware. Otherwise, I just painted the mixture straight on. Thanks for popping by :)

  2. Anonymous says

    Do you need to sand the finish off of the furniture before painting with chalk paint? Do you need to use a primer?

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