Book Page Podged Shoes

Mod Podge Shoes

I’ve wanted to try decoupage on my shoes for quite some time.  Magazine pages, wrapping paper or even fabric are a few possibilities to consider.  What a fantastic way to upcycle some forgotten ‘soles’.  Yes.  I went there lol.

I found a pair of shoes in the back of my closet that I haven’t worn for years.  Perfect for my first attempt.  In the future, I would probably do this on a pair of pumps, so there is more surface to decoupage.

Make a cup of tea and let me show you how it went!

I had a stack of book pages leftover from my hollowed out book tutorial.  The paper wasn’t too thick so it would layer on pretty well.  I chose pages where there was a lot of text, not too much empty space.

Using the leftover bag from my tea, I stained the book pages to give them an aged feel and let them dry well.  If you do this and the pages curl and wrinkle, you can give them a quick press with an iron, but use a press cloth or a tea towel over the paper when pressing.

I cleaned the area of the shoes I wanted to cover with nail polish remover (rubbing alcohol would be fine too) to remove any dirt or grime.  I used a cotton ball and a Q-tip for the little areas.

Decisions… tear or cut the pages?  I went with cutting the pages into smaller pieces so they would be easier to apply.

I began applying the paper bits to the shoes with Mod Podge and a small paint brush.  For the smaller tricky spots, I used a sharp blade to trim the excess paper away.

Once they were completed and dry, I gave them another coat of Mod Podge.  I used the Gloss formula.

To give my hard work a little more protection, I did a top coat of clear acrylic varnish

Ta-da!  I think they look great.  I can’t way to try another pair!

This would be awesome with comic book pages for a geek chic man’s dress shoes, or little mans dress shoes.

These aren’t for the wear and tear of every day, but they’ll hold up pretty good if you take care of them.  Reseal occasionally as needed and avoid wearing in inclimate weather.

Happy Podging!

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  1. Brianna says

    Such an awesome idea! I once covered a chair in book pages but I never would have thought of covering a cute pair of shoes. Genius!

  2. says

    This has got to be the cutest idea I’ve EVER seen! I love how the shoes came out. Are they weather proof? I would love to try this on some of my old shoes. Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday. Can’t wait to see what you share this week. Have a great week.

  3. Augusta Cooper says

    I love this, but please help: what is Mod Podge? Do you know of any alternatives, or other names for it? I live in Austria, so it’s hard to find some of this stuff, but I’d love to try the idea on an old pair of shoes.

    • says

      Hi Augusta!

      Mod Podge is a glue type of product, used a lot for decoupage and such. I have seen recipes on Pinterest for how to make your own, and it’s just half water half white glue. You put it in a jar and shake it well, it will need to be shaken before each use. Mod Podge doesn’t have to be shaken each time, so I’m sure there are other things in it…. but 50/50 water and white glue is about the closest you can get by making your own.

      Hope that helps and thanks for stopping by!

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