Acorn Cap Ornament

acorn ornament

I love fall crafts :)  I love Christmas crafts even more.  You can make so many beautiful things with nature and a little glitz.  Hence, this acorn cap ornament.

For me… this project = $0.00.  The acorn caps were found on the ground, paint, glue, glitter, ribbon and the foam ball, were all on hand.  All easily accessible at your local dollar store too.  But… in the spirit of this ornament, try using what you have on hand.  For those well stocked crafters, I bet if you dig through your supplies, you could do it at no cost too!

foam ball
hot glue / glue gun
dried acorn caps, various sizes
craft paint
white glue / Mod Podge
ribbon / twine
paint brush

I didn’t have a perfectly round foam ball.  I had egg shaped ones left over from making some felt pinecones.  So using a sharp knife, I shaped it into a ball.  If you don’t have a foam ball, you can use anything that is fairly light, hot glue will stick to it and you can put a hole through it.  Pierce a hole through the centre of the ball, then painted it brown to help camouflage it if there were any gaps between the acorn caps.

Taking the acorn caps and some hot glue, start attaching them to the ball, avoiding where the hole goes through it.

Keep going until it is completely covered.  I used various sized acorn caps.  That way if I ended up with a tiny space, I glued in a tiny cap.  Tiny cap = no gap :)  So, get a variety.

Using a small paintbrush, apply some Mod Podge to the insides of the acorn caps, then sprinkle with glitter, working in smaller sections so the Podge doesn’t dry before it”s glittered.  This part goes pretty quick.  I thought the bronze colour would be super pretty with the brown of the acorn caps…. but if you want to be more playful, imagine a vibrant rich blue, Christmas red or a lovely shade of plum!

Once it’s all glittered, feed some coordinating ribbon, scrappy strip of fabric, or piece of twine through the hole in the ball.  I put one end of ribbon over the back end of my paint brush, then pushed it up through the hole.  Secure the ends with a knot, bow… whatever you choose.

I’m still looking for more acorn caps so I can make a set of these for my Christmas tree!  They would also be very thoughtful gift toppers.  Just attach a pretty tag and your set!

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  1. Stephanie Michaels says

    That is precious! Where can I get acorn tops, I want one for the holidays!

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