Decoder Gift Tag ~Guest Post by Yellow Spool~

Hello SaltTree readers, I’m Stacie. My blog, Yellow Spool, is usually filled with stitches and textiles, but today I’m branching out a bit with a gift tag idea for you!

I remember gazing calmly at the green, lit Christmas tree year after year as a kid, taking in the magic of it all. Then I’d glance over my shoulder, scuttle to the gifts wrapped under that tree, and start searching for anything with my name on it. Bags were the best, because you could peek inside without leaving a trace of mischief. But there were some gifts, wrapped with perfection, that could only be shook. >>>note to self: never give children anything fragile. How do you keep your kids from snooping? The answer is simple- don’t give them a clue as to whose gift is whose until Christmas morning.

It’s really simple. Open up this Word Document that I’ve put together for you, type in your names after the “TO: , ♡” and print.

If you happen to have a hunk of red, semi-transparent plastic laying around, don’t bother with this next step, but since I’m 99% sure no one does, I suppose I can tell you how to make some! Use a red permanent marker to color a block onto an old milk jug, and cut out a cute little circle.

Now… where to hide your little decoder until Christmas morning?

In case you missed it in the post, you can find the Gift Tag Word Document here. Thank you for having me, and be sure to come by. I’m having a “12 Days of Recycled Gift Wrap” series in December, so there’s more where this came from!

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    I love this idea Stacie :) When I was a child, I wasn’t one to ‘peek’ at gifts, I didn’t even want to know who they were from! My little one however, is a different story! These are on my to do list for his gifts!

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