Gift Some Personalized Coasters~ Guest Post by My Hand Crafted Home

Gift Personalized Coasters This Christmas!

Hi SaltTree readers! I’m Rhiannon from My Handcrafted Home.

I love making handmade gifts. Not just because of the thrill of being able to upcycle of create something new, but also because I love being able to make something unique and personal for someone I love.

I’m really excited to share this tutorial to make some personalised coasters from old tiles. Mostly because it ticks both of those boxes really well.

I’ve made coasters using maps from places where important things happened before, but now that my daughter’s getting a little more into drawing, I thought this spin on the upcycle would work really well. But you could use nearly anything. My daughter drew pictures of everyone living at her grandpa’s house and wrote their name. But you could do your own art, maps, photos, anything!

I used the pictures (cut to just smaller than the tile), four tiles (I got these really cheap at a car boot sale, they’ve been cleaned!), my knock off Mod Podge and a foam brush. I also used some felt squares for the bottoms of the tiles and black acrylic paint.

Brush on a thin layer of mod podge.

Lay your design on. The thicker the paper the less bubbles you’ll get. Mine was nearly as thick as card and I didn’t get any bubbles. But if you do just push them out with your fingers.

Brush on a thin layer of mod podge, being careful not to overwork it. If you do the ink will start to run…I learnt that the hard way!

Leave it to dry and repeat about four times. I just did a layer in the morning and evening for a couple of days. It only takes a minute. 

Once they’re completely dry you’ll need to put a pad on the bottom to stop the tiles from scratching any surfaces, and of course to make them look prettier!

Just cut a piece of felt to size, or use the protective foam pads that you can pick up cheaply. Mine was actually an old hair straightener heat pad that my SIL knew I’d use for something else! Then use plenty of hot glue and press down.

I also painted the edges with black acrylic paint and sealed with a final layer of mod podge, just to be sure! 

Perfect to preserve memories, and make something completely unique for someone you love.

And of course, perfect for your drink. 

If you’re interested in any other thrifty and personalised gifts, hop on over to My Handcrafted Home where I’ve got plenty of options for lots of your family members. 

Thanks for having me Amber!

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  1. Marcie says

    This is a darling idea Rhiannon! Something to keep and show your kids when they are older!
    Marcie @ “I Gotta Try That”

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