Gingerbread Family Ornaments & Gift Toppers

felt Christmas ornament

It’s getting closer!  Before you know it we’ll all be out of time and Christmas will be here!  For most of us, our days are filled with work, our evenings getting holiday shopping done and weekly tasks, our weekends filled with family commitments and there’s hardly any time to wrap gifts.  Phew!  But we find the time… we MAKE the time.  It all falls into place.

Each year I try harder and harder to MAKE vs BUY the gifts I have for others.  Honestly, buying still heavily outweighs the making, but I try.

This is an easy craft that you, or older kids can do.  Thoughtful and adorable as gift toppers, even sweeter given as tree ornaments; a ‘family’ to a family, or a ‘couple’ to a newlywed couple perhaps for their first Christmas being married.

A simple craft in a whirlwind of mayhem, aka, December.

Step one.  Cut 2 gingerbread men shapes out from a piece of brown craft felt.  You can use this template, free hand it with a marker before you cut, or trace a gingerbread man cookie cutter if you have one.

Step two.  Decorate.  Using one of the cut outs only, give your little guy some personality.  Stitch on some eyes, mouth, buttons, bow tie… be creative.  I had embroidery thread on hand, but you can use regular thread too.

Don’t worry what the underside looks like.  I didn’t… obviously.

Put both gingerbread men shapes together with the finished ‘decorated’ side facing up, and the ugly stitched part to the inside.  Line them up and stitch around the edges.  I didn’t have white embroidery thread, so I used thin yarn and a wide eyed needle.

Cutie.  Wouldn’t you love to see that little guy attached to your gift?  Or him and his family adorning your tree?

You could even gift them in a ‘cookie’ tin.  Cheeky.

That was so quick, you’ll even have time for a nap.  Zzzz….

Attach a bit of ribbon so they can be hung on the tree.


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  1. says

    These gingerbread men are so sweet! What a wonderful ornament to hang in the tree. I think I could also make a little bigger set for my toddler to play with. She’d love them!

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