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Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String,

These are a few of my favorite things!

One of my favorite things of the Christmas season is the packaging.  Sometimes it actually IS brown paper packages tied up with string!  Kraft boxes and red and white bakers twine – what could be more simple and beautiful than that?
I am so excited to be part of Amber’s Christmas Cavalcade here at Salt Tree.  I have been following along with her blog and linking up at her weekly link parties for some time now, and when she asked for people to sign up I jumped at the chance!  Thanks so much Amber, for this opportunity!  I’m so honored to be here.
I am Jill Flory, the ‘One Who Sews’ from the blog Sew a Fine Seam.  I sew – obviously, I love to decorate my home, do crafty stuff, design the things I make, and blog about it all.  I would love to have you visit me at 
Since packaging, like I’ve already said, is on of my favorite things I decided to share a couple simple and fun ways I packaged things this year.  I used supplies I already had on hand, that’s part of the fun for me, being creative with what I already have.
Christmas packaging
Parchment paper, stripey paper straws, clear plastic bags, red and white bakers twine, vintage bingo papers, faux boxwood pick, and my favorite stapler ever.  This stapler uses the cutest little copper colored staples – just perfect for gifts and tags.

christmas packaging 2
The item I wrapped was one of my camera straps made out of an antique European grain sack.  I started with a piece of parchment paper large enough to go around the folded camera strap.
christmas packaging 3
Wrap with the camera strap at one end of the parchment (see the strap sticking out just a little at the bottom?)  and tuck into a clear plastic bag.  I used a piece of washi tape on the parchment before I tucked it into the bag.  Washi tape is a great thing to keep around for packaging and crafting.
christmas packaging 4
I cut the parchment just a few inches above the top of the clear bag.  I used my scalloped scissors – pinking shears or any fun design will work.
christmas packaging 5
I also stapled each side at the top of the bag to keep the contents from sliding out during the wait till Christmas!
christmas packaging 6
Now I know this looks a little odd in this photo, but stick with me, I like how this ended up!  I gathered one vintage bingo sheet in the center and stapled it.  Then I cut a paper straw into 3 pieces and stapled them on at varying heights.
christmas packaging 7
A faux boxwood pick and some bakers twine and it looks festive and fun.  I tied it around the package with more bakers twine and tucked it under the tree to wait for Christmas!
christmas packaging 8
Another fun and simple packaging idea I use a lot is the plain brown bag with handles.  A festive stamp, some washi tape, and a gift tag and you have taken the plain brown bag with handles from it’s plain state to a fun sophisticated state.
christmas packaging 9
Tie the tag on with some bakers twine and tuck tissue in the top of the bag and it is ready to join the first package under the tree.
christmas packaging 10
And one last little trick with the brown paper packages.  I used a Kraft box and lined it with Kraft colored tissue.
christmas packaging 11
Placed the items inside and topped it with a little brown and white shred just for fun.
Gently wrap the tissue over the gift.
christmas packaging 13
This Kraft box already had the sweet little red and white label so I just added the initial of the person receiving the gift.  And package number 3 found a home under the tree for a few days!  Can you believe it’s just over a week till Christmas?!!
christmas packaging 14 
Waiting quietly and prettily till time to be opened!
Thank you again, Amber, for hosting the Christmas Cavalcade and for honoring me with a spot in it!
I hope you all get the brown paper packages you are hoping for!

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  1. Amy of While Wearing Heels says

    It’s all about the packaging…this is beautiful. Almost too pretty to open. What wonderful, thoughtful gifts from wrapping to actual gift.

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