Winter Decor With a Wooden Sled~Guest Post by Just Us Four~

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be posting here on SaltTree for the Christmas Cavalcade!

I’m Shannah from Just Us Four!  It’s my blog about crafting, cooking and DIY’ing my way through life with my husband and two awesome kids.

Today, I have a cute little sleigh I recently made to share with you!

 For my kitchen decorations this year, I focused on bright reds and greens for the decor.

Someone keeps stealing all the m&m’s from my little bowl…thieves!

One of the newest additions to the room started with this unfinished wood sled.

I taped stripes with painters tape and painted part of them red.

Once it was dry, I taped off the other stripes and painted them green. Then, I let the entire thing dry for several days before adding my vinyl lettering to the sled. 

Are you ready for sleigh rides?

I love this sleigh because, even though it is red and green, I think it can stay out for decoration all winter!

I hope you’ll come over and visit to see all the other recipes and projects I have to share with you!  You can also check Just Us Four out on Facebook and Twitter!

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