Yarn Pom Pom Ornaments~Guest post by: Just Dawnelle~

Hi SaltTree friends! I’m super excited to be here today sharing a quick little ornament project. Before I get started… let me introduce myself…

Hi… My name is Dawnelle (I’m hearing in my head everyone saying at once… Hi Dawnelle… Dork I know!) I blog over on Just Dawnelle all about my little life and projects. Today, I am going to share with you a super simple little ornament made out of my newest obsession… handmade pom poms!!

Having young children makes delicate breakable ornaments, simply put… out of the question!! They would be totally destroyed, no doubt about it. These little cute things however, are made out of yarn! Bet my little almost two year old can’t break that one. (I shouldn’t say that… he would find a way if given the chance I’m sure.)
Okay on to the project, are we ready??
Yarn (any kind really,  I used white cotton yarn but just because that is what I had)
Needle (with an eye large enough the yarn will go through)
Beads (nothing super special… use the colors that go with your own decor!)
We are going to begin by first making our pom pom. If you’ve done this before… just ignore me… and skip on down a ways.
Start by wrapping the yarn around your fingers. The number of fingers you use determines how wide your pom pom will be. I used three fingers for these particular pom poms and there for the diameter of my pom pom is three fingers. (I know you love my unit of measurements…)
Wrap and wrap and wrap those fingers. I went around somewhere between 90-100 times so my pom pom would be nice a full.
Once you are statisfied with the amount of wrapping, slip all the yarn gently off your fingers and cut it free from the ball of yarn. Take another piece of yarn and tie it around the center of the wrapped yarn perpendicular to the bundle. Be sure to tie it as tight as you can.
Now, take your scissors and cut all the loops! You now have yourself a pom pom in serious need of some grooming.
Use those scissors and give that little thing a hair cut. Don’t be shy about it, get in there and snip away until it is as small or large, wild or trimmed up as you would like. I personally like mine a little wilder, but if you would prefer a more trim tight pom pom, just keep cutting it down!
When your pom pom is all set and looking mighty fine, it is time to string it. Thread your needle with a piece of yarn about a foot long. Shove the needle through the middle of the pom pom so it is now strung onto the yarn.
Tie a knot in the yarn with the pom pom on it about half way down and string your beads above the knot.
Push the pom pom up tight against the first knot and tie another knot on the other side of the pom pom so it is wedged between the two knots.
So far we have tail of string, knot, pom pom, knot, beads… right?
Now, make a loop above the beads and tie your last knot tight against the top of the bead stack. Trim the yarn all up and ta-da!! You’re done!!!
Easy peasy right? So… what do you think??? Aren’t they adorable? and totally not fragile at all!!
Thanks so much for following along here for the Christmas Cavalcade and visiting with me today! Be sure to check out Just Dawnelle for more super fun holiday projects I’ve got up my sleeve like this one and this one. I promise to not disappoint!

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  1. Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam says

    That is a super cute and fun ornament! I just might set my kids to making some of those next year! I’ve got a bunch of fun homemade ornaments pinned for next year – ran out of time this year!

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