And it felt like home.

felt house portrait

A portrait of your home abroad, cottage or cabin up on the wall of your main residence is a thing of pride for many.  My mother and father in-law have a picture of their beautiful house in Portugal, up on their wall here in Ontario.  A reminder of the place they only get to enjoy for a few weeks a year.

Most of us don’t think of having a picture of the house we are living in, up on the wall of the house we are living in though.  And why not?

Ok, maybe we won’t make it so literal.  Perhaps an interpretation of your home or a home you aspire to have in the future.  A felt home?  Indeed.

I decided for the next while, I’m going to try and use ONLY what I already have on hand. So this project was a complete stash buster.  Which also means, FREE.

I had a frame kicking around and cut a piece of paper to fit inside.  On that paper, I drew a sketch of our house and the parts of it that were doable in felt.  I offset the house in the picture because we live in a semi-detatched, and I left out the neighbour’s half.

Using some sharp scissors, I began cutting out pieces of felt, layering them to recreate the sketch.

After looking at it for a bit, I decided that as it was… a little flat.  Time to sew!

I added stitching to all of the pieces of felt in co-ordinating and some contrasting thread.  I used the thread to create detail in the tree, fence and as trim around windows, doors and the panels on the garage door.  Utter perfection wasn’t the goal, so I didn’t mind a slight waver of a stitch line here and there.  I think it added lots of character to an otherwise flat scene.

For the leaves on the tree, I sewed a straight line down a strip of green felt, then cut the leaves out afterwards.  This allowed me to get detail on all of the leaves, without having to sew these tiny pieces individually!

I first started with generic white glue to adhere all my stitched pieces together, brushing it on so it wouldn’t soak through the felt, but it … well… sucked.  I would recommend fabric glue or even better, hot glue gun.  I’ve still never found anything that holds felt as well as hot glue!

You might be asking… “Amber, why not just stitch the pieces right onto the backing?”…. good question.

It’s really hard to pull stitches out of felt if you make a mistake.  Stitching each piece separately then building the scene, gives you more freedom to arrange as you go, correct or redo any pieces that stitched up funny, and it also gives more depth / texture having the layers sit on top of each other, rather then stitched to each other.  But hey… if you want to stitch it all up together, go for it!

Ta-da!  Our home, in felt!  Now fully framed and hanging with pride in our home.  My finished portrait was 11×9 or so, popped it into a 16×20 frame with a large amount of matte space.

Now if we ever move in the future, we’ll have this portrait to remember our very first family home!

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