Recycle with nostalgia and an Edison bulb.

edison bulb lamp

A touch of industrial, a whole lot of nostalgia, and unmistakably full of character and charm, this warm glowing Edison bulb found the perfect home amidst a lamp born out of recycled decor items.

As part of my stash busting endeavour, I’ve been trying to use up bits of things here and there to fuel my creations instead of buying new supplies.  All I needed for this project was a beautiful Edison inspired bulb.

Meet the subjects:  An ugly green lamp, one very tired floral decoration, and a can of spray paint that had never been used.  A shame…because now that I’ve used it, I want to spray EVERYTHING ‘oil rubbed bronze’!

In addition to these items, I used a lamp shade harp, some leftover bits of wire from when I made a brooch bouquet and the plastic sleeve of a cheap pen.  The pen part will make sense shortly.

First step was to remove the light socket and get the harp fitting onto the lamp base.  By the way, if you want to try this project, make sure your light socket and cord are going to blend with the colour you decide to spray your lamp.  Don’t spray paint the lamp socket area.

I removed the floral piece from my birdcage and set it atop the harp to see how it would work.  It sat about 1.5 inches lower then I wanted.  Dilemma…. here is where the pen sleeve came in!  I cut down the plastic pen sleeve to the length I needed, and then placed it over the screw atop the harp.  Set the cage back on top and it was now the perfect height.

To make the cage ‘shade’ stay in place, I wrapped the top with a bit of wire, bringing it all to a point on the inside of the cage, pointing down.  The tail end of the wire bits all fed down into the pen sleeve on the top of the harp.  That is how the cage would stay in place.  To make the pen sleeve fit in better with the style of the lamp, I wrapped a coil of wire around it (not pictured).  Finally, I added two bits of wire leading from the harp to the sides of the cage to keep the ‘shade’ from teetering (see below).

I wrapped the lamp socket and cord with aluminum foil to protect them and gave it a couple coats of the oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

I could hardly wait for the sucker to dry so that I could test it out!  In went that beautiful bulb!  The only trouble I am having is trying to decide on it’s new home.  I want it in every room!

I’ve got another ‘shade’ ready to roll for a smaller version of this lamp, in the form of an old, wire cutlery caddy.  I think this cylinder filament bulb would work out perfectly!


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  1. says

    This is a terrific project and one which is on my to do list. I love the look of Edison light bulbs! I am visiting from Nifty Thrifty Tuesday and am your newest follower. Please come and visit me at Still Woods Farmhouse. By the way, the bagel tutorial is well done!
    Happy Easter!

  2. says

    Absolutely awesome! Just joined your site, would love to have you visit me at
    Have a wonderful Holiday, NeeCee

  3. Mel says

    Very nice! The bulb alone is just too cute–but add it to the framework of the shade and the shape of the lamp itself….excellent!

  4. Christine says

    Absolutely STUNNING Amber!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality last week! HAPPY EASTER!!

    • says

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    • says

      wauw for nogle flotte klæder!! er ogsÃ¥ spændt pÃ¥ bodybutter feedback. jeg sender snart spørgsmÃ¥l til europæerne… dem i USA har knapt fÃ¥et deres pakker endnu.

    • says

      Yes the West’s headliner “Gas shortage puts WA pork industry in peril” certainly has that standard West “hubcap lost on causeway’ feeling about it , though “Pork eating” is probably upset about it. No mention of hypothermia ala ” Comedian in hypothermic shock after beer at Tav”.

  5. Cathy Trochelman says

    Super cool, Amber….what a GREAT use of these items!! I love it!
    Cathy @ Lemon Tree Dwelling

  6. Lita says

    How clever! I’d love to have something this unusual. I know what you mean about the spray paint. One time I was sorry I got so carried away. Thanks for sharing your creativity on What’d You Do This Weekend? Hope to see you again tomorrow.

    Have a great week,


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