Recycle plastic into garden labels.

Earlier in the week I posted these painted rock labels.  A fun way to get your kids involved and interested in the veggie garden.  To compliment them, I made some tie on tags for my herb garden, which will be in hanging pots this year (we have lots of hungry bunnies around here!).

If you don’t want them as tie on labels, you could cut them as longer strips and use them to stake into the planter.  Since they are made from recycled plastic, it wont rot out.

Find plastic container.  I chose black, because I had a white paint pen for marking it so it was a good contrast.  A fine tipped permanent marker would work well on lighter coloured plastics.

Cut out the usable sections of plastic (sides, bottom) and recycle the rest.

Trim into desired shapes.  To make a hole in them for hanging, you can use a strong punch, or heat a pin or nail in the flame of a candle and push it through the plastic.  That is the method I used.  It will melt it like butter and it’s very fast.

Write on your tags, and thread with some string or yarn.  To further protect your tag, give the letters a coat of clear nail polish.

Now you can tie them onto your plants / planters!

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