Rockin’ labels for your veggie garden.

rock garden labels

There are many options for labeling plants in your vegetable garden.  Using stones to decode the various green sprouts is one of my favourite.  They wont blow away, they are free and you can decorate them any way you like!

Collect some stones in various shapes.  I picked a few longer stones specifically for veggies with lengthy names like ‘cucumber’.  Wash the stones to remove dirt and set them aside to thoroughly dry.

Get your little ones involved to help you decorate them!  We used tempera paint.

Paint them however you like, then set them aside to dry.

Once they are dry, write on the names of the veggies with a paint pen, or a brush in a contrasting colour.  I chose white so they would be nice and bright.  Let them dry again.

A few coats of a clear acrylic spray or varnish will help keep the paint from fading and washing away.   So don’t skip this part or your painted stones will hardly last a few rounds with the sprinkler.

It’s too soon to place my stones in the garden here in Ontario.  I can still see a few patches of snow in our soggy backyard!  Once the weather has changed and my garden is underway for the year, I’ll add in a new picture of these colourful stones in their places of honour!

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  1. Lita says

    This is a perfect idea. It lets the kids be involved in the garden too. Can’t wait to get started. My garden is calling.

    Thanks for bringing these over to What’d You Do This Weekend?

    Linda (The Contessa). :>)

  2. says

    Wanted to come by to say hello…it’s so very exciting to see garden posts again, winter has lasted way too long! Just wanted to let you know Fishtail Cottage’s Garden Party will be starting up again in May (Thursday May 2nd) Would love to have you come over and link up again and again! Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo, tracie

  3. Lita says

    I have the stones. Now I need a day with the grandchildren to do the basic painting. With 50 mph winds expected we may have to wait until next weekend. Thanks for bringing these by What’d You Do This Weekend?

    Hope to see you again tomorrow.


  4. says

    What a wonderful idea! This would be prefect in my garden~I will have to take my Grandson out rock picking:) Stopping by from What’d you do this Weekend Party~Lynn now following~

  5. Melanie at says

    Love this idea to mark the garden. My son always picks out the little name sticks. Come to think of it, he’d probably rearrange the rocks too but we could try!


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