Typographic fav’s.

I’m a bit of a font-hoarding, typography-aholic, letter-lover.  I’m not even sure how many fonts I have loaded onto my computer over the years… but it’s enough that I have a separate folder for them on my backup hard drive!

Whether adding fonts to a header image in my blog, words to a creative photograph or creating graphic word art, choosing the right font to compliment and enhance your design / image is critical.  So I am VERY choosy when I add lettering to a blog post header image.  I often spend more time choosing the font then I do with the image itself!

It’s also easy to see the trends in typography… just look on Pinterest, other blogs, magazines, design sites etc. and you’ll catch on quick.  I’m not saying I’m some up-to-date font maven or anything, but I do know what I like!

So for your viewing and downloading pleasure, take a browse through my current collection of favourite fonts.  PS, all of them are free!

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  1. says

    I love to hunt out different fonts. I use them in all my projects at school and my students love to use my Mac so they can get fun fonts for their projects. I need to learn how to put them into my blog.

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