Style your patio with a solar chandelier.

Since we’ve been planning to redo our back deck and add a pergola, I’ve had all sorts of ideas of how to personalize it.  A hanging herb garden and a canopy to name a few, and a solar chandelier.  Now that one I can do in advance!

This is an easy to complete project and can cost you virtually nothing, or up to as much as you want.  My completed chandelier was under $10.

I give you another project for that old, ugly, tacky, fake brass chandelier that’s lurking in the basement or garage.  Or in my case, hanging out at the thrift store.  They are hideous aren’t they?  This one was so filthy and caked with dust, I barely wanted to touch it.  Blah!

I took it apart and stripped all the wire out of it, since it was no longer needed.  Then it went straight to the sink for a good scrub.

I debated painting it a bright, vibrant red or brilliant blue, but I decided to do it in the oil rubbed bronze that I used for my nostalgic cage lamp.  I’ll be less likely to tire of it in a traditional colour, and it will blend with any colour scheme I chose to do on the deck.

Next up is the lanterns.  Being able to find solar lanterns at the dollarstore definiately makes this project more affordable.  I found these black ones that match pretty close to the paint finish of my chandelier.  They came in three parts, the lamp head, and the post was in two pieces.  Having the lamp head already detached from the post was a bonus. Less work for me to do!

The thing with dollarstore or low end lanterns in general, they aren’t that bright.  To up the lumens, try adding some foil to the underside of the lamp cover (shiny side out).  Adding a few clear glass beads to the lamp can also help reflect the light.

I took off the the small plates on each arm to make it look cleaner.  Then just attached the lantern heads.  After fiddling with several ways, I ended up using E-6000.  Gosh I love that stuff lol.  Plumbers Goop would also have done the trick quite well.

Since the pergola isn’t started done yet, I might just have to take this camping and hang it over our picnic table!

If you want to take it even further, add some bead strings for extra WOW power.

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