Water Lily. A rolled felt flower tutorial.

The search term ‘felt flowers’ is one of the biggest phrases used which brings people to SaltTree.  I love felt.  I love felt flowers even more.  There are a ton of felt flower tutorials out there and I wanted to bring a new one to you.  One that is unique, beautiful and still easy to do.  Now you might not pop these out in mass quantities like a typical rolled flower, but with a little more time, you can make these lovely, full, water lily flowers.

Water lilies are can be found in many colours.  My favourites are white, and pink.  Such a beautiful flower deserves it’s own tutorial.  Don’t you agree?

So let our tutorial begin.  For those that have ventured into the world of rolled felt flowers, this will be a cinch.

Here is what you will need;

2 pieces of craft felt (same colour or subtly different shades of same colour)
Glue gun and glue

Click on any of the step by step images for a larger view.  And please excuse the image quality, they were taken at night, inside, with a flash.  Exactly what I tell people NOT to do!  But sometimes the night is the only time when you have a toddler running around!

I used those 9×11 inch craft felt sheets available at your local craft supply store.  First step was to cut off the excess so they became 9×9 squares (don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be exact).

Round off all the corners, turning your 9×9 squares into circles.  Again, don’t worry if they aren’t perfect.

Cut each circle into a spiral.  You want it to be a thick spiral.  So you have room to cut petals later (skip ahead to see what I mean, before you begin cutting).

Cut flower petals into both spirals from the tip all the way to the centre, as far as you can.  Try to be uniform with the shape, and you want the petals to be straight, not cut on an angle as that will affect the overall result.  This is the most time consuming part.

Taking both ends of both spirals, lay the outer tail ends over top of each other while trying to make sure the petals are offset from each other.

Begin rolling from the tail ends, both spirals together, keeping the straight cut edges even as you roll the felt.

When you have reached the middle of the spirals, layer a good amount of hot glue and press down the first spiral centre, then a bit more glue and press down the second spiral’s centre.

Trim up any ragged edges, fluff up your flower petals….

Admire your water lily!

Use it to embellish a craft project such as a wreath, use it as a fab gift topper or do a grouping of three as a centrepiece on your table.  Have fun with it!

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    • says

      Wow, I certainly never expected to make your blog! I can't thank you enough once again for evnygthier; and of course Celine who sent me to you!Merci beaucoup!!!

  1. Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam says

    How beautiful! And so easy – just a bit of time like you said :) Thanks for sharing!

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