Quick & Easy, Decor Updates

I’ve done posts in the past about easy and inexpensive ways to tweak your decor.  You know, the little things that can really add something to a room.  The things you don’t always think about.  Well, here is another quickie.

My sideboard is an inexpensive Ikea prefab.  My husband and I have had it since our apartment days and it’s surprisingly, lasted quite well.  Now it lives in our family room storing a few kiddie toys, the ‘good’ dishes and tv components.  I know.. it’s quite a mix, but it’s behind doors so nobody knows… er… knew lol.

The top has a glass piece.  And for some ridiculous reason I’ve not done this before… but a layer of glass just begs for something to be put under it.

I have lots of scrapbooking paper so that’s what I chose, but a roll of wallpaper, wrapping paper or even leftover fabric would do the trick.

I laid out the paper and attached my squares together to form one big piece and cut it to the size of the glass.  Then slipped it underneath and voila.  A little extra detail!  The nice thing is, it’s easy to change, and can be changed seasonally if desired.

The main reason for this post?  If you’re decor is getting a little tired or stale, look around.  There just might be an inexpensive way to brighten things up!

Here are a few other examples of quick decor tweaks that I have done in the past…


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