Acorn ornaments. Fall to holidays.

If you frequent SaltTree, you may be familiar with my felt pine cone tutorial, using Styrofoam eggs.  This is another take on that tute, except this time, we make acorns using egg shaped forms.  Mismatch materials and finishes to give these acorns some personality and depth.  Use as fall or holiday decor, or attach to gifts in place of a bow.

There are lots of options when it comes to forms to use for your acorns.  Foam eggs, wooden eggs, plastic eggs… anything that is egg shaped.  I like wooden and plastic eggs for covering in paper or glitter.  Mod Podge adheres well to it, and they have a nice weight to them (wooden) for hanging.  Styrofoam works nicely for fabric, but you do have to be careful not to bang it around, as the styrofoam will dent over time.  So for longevity, go with wood or plastic if you can.

*If using plastic eggs such as Easter eggs as a hanging ornament, fill them with a bit of sand to weight them, then glue them shut.

1. Cover the egg form with fabric, paper, glitter… whatever you like.  Here, I am using a lighter weight fabric.  If you use fabric, trim excess from the top (the larger end).  Use whatever adhesives are appropriate for your material.  I used hot glue to secure the fabric, but Mod Podge would be appropriate for paper or glitter.


2. Cut some strips of felt and scallop one side with scissors.  In between each ‘scallop’, put a small snip so they have more movement.  About 1/3 of the way down your acorn, use some hot glue to adhere a strip around the egg.

3. Continue doing more rows.  If it gets to awkward to wrap the strip of felt (to bulky), cut it into shorter lengths.



4. When you get closer to the top, cut your strips of scallops, into individual sections.  Glue them on using the same pattern until you have only a wee section exposed at the top.

5. Cut a small circle from some leftover felt, make it scalloped around the edges, almost like a flower.  Snip in between each section to give more detail.  Add a small snip in the middle of the round.  This will be for ribbon to hang it.



Glue the end piece onto the end of the acorn, and you are done.  Lovely!

Here are a few other examples using paper and glitter, over wooden forms.

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