Brown Paper & Lace

SAM_9321Just a quick one for you all today folks!  Now that Christmas shopping is indeed in full swing for most of us, I thought it would be nice to share a different way to wrap your gifts.  This would be a fab way to add some extra interest for those gals in your life.

Instead of a bow, add lace or rolled lace flowers.  Combine that with ribbon, twine and brown paper and you’ve got some really pretty packaging. 

Not sure how to make a flower out of lace?  It’s pretty simple!

SAM_9320Use some ribbon that has one gathered edge.  If your ribbon doesn’t have a gathered edge, you can put a running long stitch through one edge of your ribbon and pull it tight to make it gather.

Begin rolling the ribbon arranging it as you go, then simply add some hot glue on the underside once you have it in a shape you like.  I got my ribbon from Whole Port.  They have a huge selection to choose from at great prices.

SAM_9312Top a gift with your pretty little lace flower.

SAM_9314If you would like to see a few other options for adding bows to your gifts, be sure to check out my spiky gift bow tutorial, and my felt gift bow tutorial. 


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