Felt Mushroom Ornaments

felt mushroom ornamentsSimple, inexpensive, sweet little felt mushrooms, make adorable ornaments for any Christmas tree.  With such a trend to woodland creatures and nature inspired ornaments (at least around here), these little felties were a must make for me.

They would also make a fab little garland… I’ve been obsessed with cute garland this year.  It seriously took ALL my will power NOT to make this into garland.  I just have too much already, and even more never before seen garland posts coming soon.  Ahh! 

Materials needed
Craft felt
Wooden candle cups
Glue gun and glue
Styrofoam balls or eggs
Sharp blade

SAM_9129Paint your candle cups with a wash of white or off white paint.  I watered my paint down a bit to allow some of the wood to show through.

SAM_9130Slice styrofoam ball or eggs in half, core out a bit from the inside so the candle cup will fit nestled into it.  You can also carve them to make different shaped mushroom caps for some variety.

SAM_9134Glue a piece of ribbon or twine to the top middle of your styrofoam mushroom cap (for hanging, not pictured here).  Cover the styrofoam pieces with red felt , gluing with hot glue and cutting away excess, don’t cover the ribbon.  Be sure to leave extra felt along the bottom, so that you can wrap the felt under and tuck it into the part you cored away.

Glue to candle cup.

SAM_9140Cut out some circles of various sizes from off white craft felt, and glue to the mushroom caps in a random placement.

SAM_9145Clean off any hot glue strands and you are done!

SAM_9142Try out other colour combinations to suit your decor.  Another alternative would be to omit attaching a piece of ribbon for hanging and simply group them together in a nice wooden or bamboo bowl. Or if your as obsessed with garland as I am…. well, you know what to do!

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  1. Meg says

    These are so adorable! I have a question though. For the felt, did you cut one side of it so it would lay over easir onto the head of the mushroom?


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