cookie monster ice cream {the sesame street project}

cookie monster ice creamIf your kid likes Sesame Street, chances are they have an affinity for that blue cookie obsessed fur ball,  Cookie Monster.  Mine does!  So my son and I whipped up some Cookie Monster inspired ice cream, super quick.  He thought making blue ice cream was the greatest thing ever and he enjoyed breaking up the chocolate chip cookies AND snacking on them.  He is my very own cookie monster!

sesame-signBefore I go any further in this post, I’m excited to say that this is the first flavour in a series of Sesame Street inspired ice creams, all based on some of the most beloved characters!  A new flavour will be posted each day of this week!  Tee-hee!

If you have concerns about the use of food dyes, there are alternatives!  I use gel food colouring, but there are other products available for those of you opposed to commercial dyes.  You can purchase natural dyes from brands such as India Tree or Color Garden, or make your own.

Now for the task at hand.  Cookie Monster ice cream!  It’s easy peasy!  Vanilla ice cream coloured blue, broken up chocolate chip cookies and some extra chocolate chips.  Can it get ANY easier?  If you like, you could substitute Oreo cookies.  It would taste more like cookies and cream, but would still give the Cookie Monster vibe.  You could even do a mix of Oreo and chocolate chip.

This would be perfect for a theme birthday party or perhaps… ‘just because’.

cookie monster ice cream

2 pints

cookie monster ice cream


  • 2 cups half and half cream
  • 1 cup sweetened condensed milk (chilled)
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • blue food colouring, to your preference
  • 1 cup broken up chocolate chip cookie pieces (chilled)
  • 1/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips (chilled)


  1. In a large mixing bowl, combine cream, condensed milk and vanilla. Whisk until well combined.
  2. Add food colouring until desired colour is achieved. Gel food colour will give best colour results, but liquid can be used as well. Whisk together ensuring all the colour is incorporated.
  3. Transfer to ice cream maker and churn according to manufacturers recommendations. Add cookie pieces and chocolate chips during last 1-2 minutes of churning.
  4. Serve immediately or for firmer ice cream, transfer to a container with a tight fitting lid and place in freezer for 3-4 hours.

cookie monster icecream

 ….me want COOKIE! NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM…. 

Other flavours in the Sesame Street Project;
Cookie Monster
Oscar the Grouch
Big Bird Ice Cream
Count von Count

Disclaimer: This post is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Sesame Street.  The Sesame Street ice cream project is simply inspired by the beloved characters we have all watched for decades.

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  1. says

    OMG this all rings so true. I had come to think that we had taken a wrong turn with my now 7 yo only child, that from an early age we had allowed olseruves to be the cruise directors and entertainment providers of the weekends. We are trying now more to lower expectations and have him learn how to be bored. It’s a very important skill! He’s still up at 6 am on weekends and days when there is no school ready for all the fun stuff we may or may not have planned. And the second I show my yawning, blinking face, it’s Mom, what are we going to do fun today? And, Can we have someone over today? It’s good to hear many others have kids like this too!

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  4. says

    Smooth and lyrical flow (especially with the rhyme)! Well written, and I enjoyed it a lot! Perhaps someday I can venture out and try to write a political poem! And with the elections this coming November, I’m sure many Americans are anxious for a new president.

  5. says

    Its excellent as your other articles : D, thankyou for putting up. “The present is the necessary product of all the past, the necessary cause of all the future.” by Robert Green Ingersoll.

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    Loved the video! We're attending a “wafer” church, and my children are properly disgusted. I love the idea of using tortillas. I know a Presbyterian church where the families take turn baking bread for each Sunday's communion. Gordon makes a great point with his funny post. Shouldn't we be making people hungry for more of Christ?

  7. says

    It has been a year on since you wrote this post and I was wondering how your ultra lite program worked out. I expect you have written this info in a later post so I will check your other posts.

  8. says

    Go to hell was a pretty damn appropriate response. LOVE! Through modeling and reinforcements I do believe all kids finally get there..but holy hell it’s a rough road. Sometimes at 43 I still whine when I can’t get the boots that I really want at Anthropologie.Hugs mama. You are doing an amazing job.Love you. xoxo


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