fun in the wind – chimes {roundup}

chimesContinuing on with the theme of wind for this week, I’m going to share a round up of wind chimes with you today.  From playful and simplistic ones the kiddos can make, to elegant and beautiful grownup DIY’s, I’m sure you’ll find something to inspire you!

So do you prefer a clinking chime like metal or glass?  Or a duller sound such as wood or bamboo?  Ooo.. maybe the tinkling sounds of thin shells…?

029I LOVE the old teapot with the salt and pepper shaker tops ‘pouring’ from the spout, from Sassy Trash {left}, teapot with keys from Butternugget {centre}, key chimes via Can Can Dancer {right}.

f19f062aa93bf55606f2234c3e455186Love the ombre painted tin cans from Cheap Crafting {left}, patterned tin cans from all you {right}.

DIY-wind-chime-11Whether you leave them as is or paint them, bamboo chimes make a lovely sound.  I think using paint pens would be MUCH easier for this project then paint and a brush.  Via Apartment Therapy.

HOMEGROWNwinebottlewindchimes101chimeoutsideOh the wine bottle chimes… aren’t they beautiful?!  Floral painted chimes from Bottle of Light Etsy shop {left} but I had to include it as inspiration!  Home Grown shares a tutorial for cutting and making this painted bottle chime {centre}.  I love the wine bottle ‘ring’ chime on the right.  I couldn’t find the original source, so if you know who made it, let me know and I’ll update with a link!

whimsical-wind-chimesHappy Hooligans has a fun and easy wind chime tutorial.  A great spring kid craft!

image019The sound of bottle cap chimes are so sweet with that tinkle sound.  Painted caps and a pretty container make for a more fanciful chime via Authentique {left}, and an assortment of colourful caps make up this fun and whimsical chime from Kelli Nina Perkins {right}.

Mason-Jar-Upcycle-RepurposeOh the mason jar.  It even makes a pretty chime!  From Saved by Love Creations {left}.  Reuse a flower pot and add some copper pipe to make a unique chime.  Via Poppytalk {right}.

DSC_3758There is no ‘tutorial’ for these eccentric creations, but I looove them and find them inspiring!  {Image source}.

windchime-kindergarten-350x440A couple more for the wee ones!  Inexpensive and simple to make.  Beaded chime via {left}.  Plastic cup and bead chime from She Knows {right}.


We’ll leave off with some pretty terra cotta pots!  Leave em’ naked like this one from Oodlekadoodle {left}, or paint them colourful like the ones from House of Joyful Noise {right}.

Please be sure to pin images directly from the originating website.

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