woodland party decor – watercolour bunting banner and cake set

printable bunting flagsI love making decorations for parties.  Creating a mood board to lay out a theme, then figuring out what I can make out of things I already have at home, or what is cheaper to make myself than purchase from a store….  the entire process from conception to execution is seriously gratifying.  Especially when it comes together just how you envisioned it.  It may not be my strongest talent, but I think the results of my ideas are well integrated into our reality and getting better… so I call that a win!  

Our youngest son is quickly approaching his 1st birthday.  We wont be having anymore children, so this is it!  My last shot at going all out!  Everyone knows the first birthday is for the parents.  Let’s be honest here, the little ones have noooo idea what’s going on and they certainly don’t care if the tablecloth clashes with the colour of the balloons, or the wrapping paper has cars on it when CLEARLY, the theme was airplanes.  Pshaw.  They just want to mash cake into their face and hair and play with the empty boxes the presents came in while being completely anti social to party guests.

So I say again, the first birthday is for the parents!

If you have followed SaltTree for a while, you may have seen all the posts I did for my older son’s first birthday.  His theme was red and turquoise, with a rainbow swirled cake and colourful bunting and paper chains.  We even did a ‘smash cake’ photo op, with him in his little guy tie.  Hard to believe he’ll be five soon!  But that’s another party post for the future!invite

For this party, it’ll be a subtle woodland fox theme.  When I say ‘subtle’, I mean louder than a whisper, but less then  IN YOUR FACE.  Like most of us, my inspiration tends to come from an image I may have pinned which in this case was cake.  Because I admit, I’m always looking at food on Pinterest, aka; the biggest food porn site of all time!

I wont go into the cake yet, but I will share it when the time comes.  I think you’ll like it!

With the look of the cake already in my mind, I set out to make the invitations.  It has a little watercolour feel to it, with that cute little fox in his birthday hat and bunting, naturally.  I love bunting!

Continuing with the colour scheme, I made…… bunting lol.  I wonder how many times I’ll type bunting in this post before I’m finished??

bunting flagsRather then use up all of my printer ink popping these guys out, I decided to send them to the local print shop.  I had them printed onto lighter weight card stock, on the cheap.  You may ask, why not just buy pretty paper from the craft store?  For where I live, that was actually more expensive than printing my own.  With them printed, all I had to do was cut out my triangles, punch holes at each end of the triangle’s top and string em’ up.  One tip?  Use a sturdy ribbon or string that doesn’t have any stretch or your bunting (that’s 5!) will start to sag.

Nobody wants saggy bunting. 

With that complete, Alice downed the bottle labelled ‘Drink Me’ and voila!  Mini bunting just the right size for the cake!  

SAM_1278Using two shish kabob skewers, taught cotton string and a glue stick, this sweet two tiered bunting cake topper was born.  I loooooove it!  This one I did print at home on standard weight paper.  Just cut out the diamond shapes, spread on some glue and fold the diamonds in half over the cotton string to make the triangle bunting.  Continue alternating colours until the desired width is achieved, then tie each end to a shish kabob skewer.

If you would like to use these printables for your own purposes, please feel free to download them for personal use.

Full size bunting flags;
Bunting flags 01
Bunting flags 02
Bunting flags 03
Bunting flags 04
Bunting flags 05

Mini cake bunting flags

With all the paper craft aspects of my party planning done, it’s time to move onto the fabric portion…..

…which you will have to come back for in a few days!                              

That’s it for now, folks.  Check back in to see a few more decor bits, the cake, and of course, how it all comes together!

PS, I used the word ‘bunting’ nine times in this post.  Ten if you count this paragraph and twelve if you include the post title and title image lol.  Woooot!

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