Star Wars Christmas gift tags – Freebie Printable

star wars christmas tagsHey folks!  I don’t know how your holiday shopping and prep is going but mine is utterly and hopelessly lagging behind!  Just can’t get it together this year!  My posts may be less frequent lately, but I did manage to get a freebie put together for anyone to download and print.  

vaderWith the new Star Wars movie coming out this week and the internet being all a buzz about it, I thought it appropriate to use the force and create these geeky gift tags for my sci-fi franchise loving readers.  Or, at least for the kiddos.  This set has characters from this epic movie series of past and present. 

Enjoy a little Darth Rudolf, Reindeer Trooper, some Chewbacca Clause and a nod to a new character, BB8.  Just don’t loose his hat… he loses his go power without it.

Feel free to download the PDF and print to your hearts desire.  This is for personal use only and not to be sold, as original character artwork is copyrighted.

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    • says

      These are gorgeous Paula, beautiful images and such a soft vintage look.Have looked at 8×8 cards, but they scare me! Looks a big space to fiA.llvril x

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