The What

SaltTree is a creative blog sharing recipes, crafts and DIY tutorials, aiming to be accessible to most in skill and availability of resources.  With original creative posts going live Tuesdays and Fridays (if my kids let me), you can expect to see fresh content when you visit. 

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The Why

I believe creativity should be shared, encouraged and developed.  Doing so inspires others and brings about more new ideas and change.  And change is good.  Blogging is a fantastic means to accomplish this!  

If I can share how to make something with you and provide a means to do so, I will.Through this sharing I have discovered some incredibly talented bloggers and many amazing readers.

Bloggers share some of the most informative content on the web on almost any subject you can imagine!  It’s a vast community not to be overlooked.


The Whoamber gameiro SaltTree

I’m Amber.  A relentless crafter, a ‘make-it-myself-if-I-can’ baker, a font hoarder, a hopeless giggler, and above all else, a Mom.  

My little boy’s arrival into our lives is what sparked the beginning of this blog.  When I began taking ‘Adventure’ photos of Foster (while he was still just a wee guy…sniff!), my husband, family and friends all insisted… strongly insisted…that I start a blog.  Pushy of them… I know!  But they were onto something.  They knew something that I didn’t. That was the end of 2010 and I am still thoroughly enjoying this blogging adventure!

Your constructive criticism and input is always appreciated and questions always accepted! 



The Disclosure Etc

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